1. The Second Place Sister: Ch. 6

    7/26/2017: *A Promise Kept* Stephanie sang along to the radio as she cruised into her neighborhood, her spirits high. Her introduction to her new modeling job had gone splendidly, but her first shoot wouldn't be until later in the week. She felt wet between the legs, remembering the way the photographer had fucked her with his eyes the entire time. He'd been really cute, in a rebellious artist sort of way, read Sex Story
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  2. No Rules, Part 9

    7/26/2017: They ordered their second drinks and Brad gave the waitress money to put in the jukebox. A slow song came on and he dragged Ashley onto the small dance floor. So far Ashley had been surprised by Brad. While they had been talking he had kept his hands on top of the table. Now that they were dancing, he was being entirely too polite, especially for a slow song. Ashley finally blurted, “You know read Sex Story
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  3. Pool Party In Victorville

    7/26/2017: Pool Party in Victorville By Victor Lima (MMF, wife sharing, slut wife) After my assignment in Ankara, Turkey came to a conclusion, the company asked me if I’d like to take a VP position in one of the regional centers in Victorville, California. Having never been to California, we jumped at the promotion opportunity and the chance to get back into sunny weather. While England is home for Linda, she still likes the weather in the southern US a lot better. Packing up things in England was hectic, but once we departed, the journey was a great adventure. We arrived in Victorville which is read Sex Story
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  4. Medical Practice

    7/26/2017: I was never much of a student, when I finished High School it was a relief to be done with all that study. My friends all went onto University while I went out into the working world. I got a job in a a call centre, I was on the lowest rung on he totem pole, so I worked a lot of nights and weekends. Subsequently I had very little social life (not that I was Mr popularity when I was in High school) but I was earning money and the job was relatively simple. One of my friends from High school, Michael, was a very good student and had gone into study medicine. We didn't get to hang out much du read Sex Story
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  5. Being a Good Neighbor - Part 1

    7/26/2017: Donna and Harold lived next door to us for years. I always had a secret crush on Donna, who looked much younger than her thirty two years. Because I was very married, I made it a point to keep my eyes, hands and fascination in check, but every now and then, something would give me a reason to pause and think, “What if?” Donna called one afternoon and my wife answered the phone. I heard Rebecca read Sex Story
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  6. Amy and Vivian Go Missing

    7/26/2017: Amy and Vivian had not intended to enter the ultimate nightmare of despair that would end in their complete sexual degradation. Their trip had started off with only carefree optimism. The two had decided to visit the far-flung Republic of Argenistan because they wanted to get away and because they assumed that, although corrupt and crime-ridden, that their parents’ money would bribe them or buy read Sex Story
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  7. Kate's men

    7/26/2017: Kate looked across the diner table at her two camping companions and sighed inwardly. Tom was tall and wiry, a blond, tanned young man with runner’s legs that promised great endurance in the long stretch, while Fred was about her height, more muscular in the chest than Tom, and darkly handsome. The three of them had met at the first meeting of the campus club for camping and hiking, and read Sex Story
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  8. True Story Of My First Swingers Party

    7/26/2017: My husband and I were married for about a year or so when we first decided to try wife swapping or more commonly called swinging. We were on a military base at RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom in the 1980s (we were both U.S. Air Force officers) when we first tried it. It's a long story on how we arrived at the decision which I don't have the space here to tell. Let's just say that read Sex Story
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  9. Rear Ended - Chapter Nine

    7/25/2017: A young woman stretched out on a lounger dressed in a two-piece bathing costume soaking up the midday sun in Kensington Park. She looked on as her friends frolicked in the pool. She was stirred by the sight and decided to join them to cool off. She felt aroused and camouflaged her excitement by pretending to ‘accidentally’ bump and grind as they messed around. It was a trick her mother had read Sex Story
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    7/25/2017: ll persons who have sex in my stories on this site are 18 Y.O. or older. WARNING, WARNING THIS IS A REPOSTING TO ENABLE CONTINUITY OF A SERIES OF STORIES ABOUT MARCUS THE TAXI DRIVER THAT WAS STARTED IN THE STORY [THE RUNAWAY.] There is a previous story between THE RUNAWAY and this one, but it isn't suitable for this site. All you need to know is that Marcus is prone to 'Daylight Mind Storytelling read Sex Story
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  11. Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 2

    7/25/2017: My neighbor and I walked to and from school every day for weeks with the exception of the days I had track and field practice. He was a bit of a nerd but very sweet. The more I got to know him the more attractive he became. I found myself thinking about him while I masturbated. My fantasy of him was heightened by seeing him doing yard work with his shirt off. He was thin and cut and, as read Sex Story
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  12. The Camp Slut- Night 1

    7/25/2017: Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events are coincidental. This story is not intended to be an accurate reflection of any particular lifestyle. Night 1 I had just sat down after setting up camp when she stumbled out of the treeline. It was the annual "guy's week", and this year we'd decided to spend it in the middle of nowhere and "rough read Sex Story
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  13. My Sex Diary. Part 2: Weekend with Kate

    7/25/2017: So... I was supposed to tell you about my actual first time, with someone other than myself, right? And I already told you who that was. My not-really-a-cousin. First off, let me clear some things out.We aren't really related. She is the daughter of my uncle's second wife. His first marriage didn't last long. I never even met his first wife. Fortunately he quickly found a replacement for read Sex Story
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  14. first time at a porn shop

    7/25/2017: Years ago when I was still a teen. I gave some roadside assistance to this guy.. I saw this guy standing next to his car on the side of the road.. I pulled over and got out of my jeep. Walked over to him and we discussed his problem. I do not remember what was wrong with his car. I was pretty good with a wrench and had a friend who owned a garage not far down the road. We got his car running and I followed him to my friends garage so he could have a look at it and make sure everything was ok. I must have looked older than I was at the time and the guy was talking to me like I was in my twentie read Sex Story
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  15. Exciting and Adventurous Experiences of couples - 5

    7/25/2017: Sunita continues: In the previous part, I described how the Colonel and I fucked after passing through the harrowing experience and managing to get out of all of that. My husband almost dragged me to Dr. Tiwari's clinic and I decided to surrender wholeheartedly to my saviour the Colonel. We returned to the camp and had a minor adventure at the camp at a spring. After returning from the park read Sex Story
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  16. Chloe's Night Out

    7/25/2017: (This is my first story. The ideas I have are a mixture of my fantasies and things that have happened to me. I plan to write more if people like them.) I can pretty much remember the exact moment when I realised that my body had a particular effect on men (it was when I was in my dads pool back when I was 15 and I noticed the look on my uncles face as he watched me laying on an inflatable in my read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Group Sex, Hardcore, Interracial, Reluctance, Written by women, Author: capulet71, Source: sexstories.com
  17. "The Lady and The Gentleman" or "A

    7/25/2017: The day after my surprising date I wrote my friend a text to thank him for the amazing date he had set me up on. He wrote back how happy he was that it had been a success and he was the one thanking me as I had really helped him being able to show up with short notice. It turned out he had many celebrities as clients at his dating bureau and he asked me if he could call me another time since I didn't seem intimidated by going on a date with a celebrity. Obviously, I told him I was up for it. I was really excited but the weeks went by and I heard nothing from my friend. Then one evening the read Sex Story
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  18. Workplace Object of Desire

    7/25/2017: I look across the crowded bar, watching you talk, smile, and every now and then, laugh with our colleagues, who seem especially animated tonight, or is it that there are just more of them moving in and out of the different collections of people. I hate these happy hour gatherings. They are just too much work for my brain. I finger and palm my drink, taking a sip, but not really sipping. I read Sex Story
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  19. The Season - Sylvie Ski's Val d'Isere

    7/25/2017: The beckoning look was all she needed to realise why Maynor had held her back from the group. Alone together as the gondola cleared the hut, he reached out his hands. Sylvie took them as she stepped across and straddled his lap. Their eyes locked as their lips came together, soft yet hungry, opening immediately to let their tongues touch. How much had she wanted this? They'd flirted read Sex Story
    Categories: Quickie Sex, Author: StrongBlue, Source: LushStories
  20. The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 19) - A Photo Of Laura

    7/25/2017: Chapter 19 A PHOTO OF LAURA It was Monday and nothing felt real to Laura. Her tits felt strange and wrong without the painful chains on them. She had prostituted her girlfriend, had her girlfriend raped, and implied she would let it happen again. She had masturbated while she watched her best male friend hurt and violate her lover and taken his dick in her mouth afterwards. And now she was going read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Blackmail, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Humiliation, Job / Office Sex, Mind Control, Author: All These Roadworks, Source: sexstories.com