1. Sex Manor Part 1

    Date: 10/19/2017, Categories: Fiction, Authoritarian, Domination / Submission, Fan fiction, Lesbian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Romance, Group Sex, First Time, Written by women, Author: Mistress_Mommy, Source: sexstories.com

    I have a fairly unethical lifestyle. Most people wouldn't approve. When I was 7 my parents died in a car crash on the highway when they were t-boned by a semi. I went to live with my great-aunt Denise, until I was 18 and could gain access to my trust fund and law suit money from the crash. As my aunt's only living relative, after her death, I was left with her fortune as well. Most of it was in bonds and came in the form of her secluded mansion in Austria where I had lived with the old broad since my parents' sudden end. After my aunt's cancerous demise I continued to live in the house- but I was not alone. I lived with my servants. Not the kind that most rich people have- no, the servants I have serve me in an entirely different way. Let me explain further my life. Throughout my entire childhood I had known of my attraction to women and so had my aunt. She forbade me from acting upon my impulses despite how natural they were. I guess when she died I felt something inside me release. I immediately did all I could to find women who were in need of a home and love. I suppose you could say I took advantage of their needs- but at no point were any of my girls kept against their will. They were and still are allowed to leave whenever they want. While I have never had one leave the rule is that once they do, they cannot come back. We have a safe world that shall be used if- and only if- a girl desires to leave. This word is "hetero-lady". The uniform I allow them to wear consists ... of a white cotton thong with their initials sewn on the front in small gold cursive letters (they take my last name when they join me so their initials all end in S for Smith). No one wears a bra but they are allowed a thin white baby-T. I require they wear their hair down unless otherwise specified by me. I on the other hand wear nothing (unless I am going out for a photo shoot as I am a photographer)- I feel that as their master they have just as much right to my body as I do to theirs. I have 31 servants and because of my large estate we are all comfortably situated within its stone walls. I love all of my girls. Very much. They share four to a room which still leaves a few rooms open for me to add to our family. The girls and I eat in the dining hall which I had widened by knocking the wall out between the formal dining room and the "informal" dining room, right outside the kitchen. My favorite servant, Rosalie, has long wavy blonde hair, soft tan skin and big amber eyes. She has size 36DD breasts and a nice tight ass that she likes to show off with an extra short skirt anytime she wears anything other than the uniform that I let my servants- my girls- wear. She is one of the few that I let leave the estate. I rule my girls with a firm hand. They do as I say- when I say- because I say so. It is true that I can get rough during our love making or foreplay but we have a safe word for these acts as well: "Penis". I came home one day from a swim suit shoot that had gotten a ...