1. Learn - Chapter 2

    Date: 10/19/2017, Categories: Reluctance, Author: VanillaSubmissive, Source: LushStories

    Maximilian sat down at the table for coffee at this godforsaken hotel lobby, sick of the place. He'd been here for two weeks now, on business. It wasn't even one of the five-star types of hotel he was used to staying at, it was quite ordinary accommodation. Surely a vice-president of one of the most important companies in one of the most important industries of Germany, should not be living in a hotel filled with common people and common families? Max wasn't one for family life. He grew up an only child, but did not focus on his past very often. He was not gay, but he was very rarely seen with women. It was probably because of his opinion of women; some may think it was an old fashioned view mixed with some kind of anti-feminine view. He was a powerful man and believed that women were to be overpowered, to be owned. He believed that their only purpose was to serve men. The modern woman almost sickened him, he hated that women were actually able to control their husbands. That should not be where the dominance lies, any man that lets that happen to him is not a man at all. He hated women and weak men. The idea that women cheat on their husband, committing adultery, made Max furious. A woman should stay true to the man who they submit to, they should not be messing around with anyone. Maximilian sighed as he sipped from his coffee, looking around the tables, from a family, to a married couple. But then he noticed a girl sitting on her own. She and Max were the only two who ... were sitting alone. He watched her carefully, noticing that she had a map on the table, reading from it and drawing on it. She must be a tourist. She looked like she was in her early twenties, her hair was long and wavy, not artificial. Natural. He put his cup down just as she lifted hers to her pretty pink, full lips. Her dark eyes shifted over to him and he gave her a soft smile, the smile he knew could make any woman drop her panties. Max watched her look away then drop her eyes down to the map again, her cheeks blushing a warm red. He wanted her. He pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket and snuck a picture of her then put it back in his pocket. But a picture wouldn't be enough. The girl stood and walked in the direction of the stairs that lead to the rooms. Maximilian stood from his table carefully, placing money next to his cup, including quite a reasonable tip. Max was wealthy. He earned around €35,000 per month, a minority of rich people earned this sum in one year. He had several homes in several countries, he worked in Belgium so he spent most of his time in his Belgian home. His family lived in Germany and so he would spend a lot of time there too, at the holidays. Maximilian was not the CEO of the company he worked for, that was the job of his best friend. Their work did not create an underlying hostility within their friendship. They also had a similar lifestyle... Maximilian noticed something on her table, a wallet? When he got closer, he saw that it was a ...