1. Mall Manager

    Date: 10/19/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Coercion, Job / Office Sex, Older, Author: DirtyFriend, Source: sexstories.com

    For 30 years I have worked in the same mall. 5 Years ago I became the mall manager, as the previous guy died. My wife doesn't think much of my job, probably why she is having sex with my neighbour every Saturday night. She also doesn't think much of my weight, looks or attitude. She is fully aware I knows she is cheating, but I don't care, I know I am technically "overweight" but I do not care. Also, I know that I am not a stunner or someone that will make you stop, but I do not care. You want to know why? Stunner or not, I always get my way. It first started 4 years ago, it was my 1 year anniversary as manager and I discovered an envelope while sat, alone, celebrating. The envelope was small and it had the old manager's name on, so, out of curiosity I opened it. It was a short note that read: "Tim, if you are reading this I am no longer working at the mall. The mall has many fun memories, and I will be sad to leave it behind. I know you are wondering how it could be fun, but let me explain a wee little secret... There are always people willing to do whatever you want them to in order to not be banned, or arrested or fined. I mean ANYTHING. See that pretty young mother accidentally still smoking? Take her to our holding cells and tell her she will be fined a large amount of money; she will be scared, tell her she could help me out and boom! Sex in no time. I pass this advice onto you, my friend. Enjoy" Well, first I was pretty pissed that Tim hadn't given me this letter, ... but then I remembered he died suddenly, so probably hadn't thought of passing this wisdom on just yet. After reading it I decided to try it the next day. It was a Wednesday morning, a quiet time, and my first opportunity appeared. There, sat on a bench, was a 30 or so year old woman staring into space, with a burning cigarette in her hand “Excuse me ma’am? No smoking in the mall” “Egh, just leave me to it, it has been a long day. I don’t need you telling me what to do.” “Ma’am, if you do not discard of that illegal item I will have to put you in the holding cell for a bit and issue you with a fine.” “Illegal item?! It is a sneaky joint, goddamn it.” After that I arrested her and lead her to our cells. I went back to my computer for half an hour and then when I returned she seemed to have sobered up. “I am so sorry, Mr...?” “Name is Pete, but a sorry is not going to make this all better. I am going to have to issue you with a fine. Unless...” “What? Unless what? I will do anything! I have no money right now; I can’t be doing with this.” “Well, ma’am, you do me a favour and I will do you one” She looked me in the eye and stood up slowly then walked toward me in her cell “You mean...?” She reached towards my already semi hard dick and unzipped my fly. She took hold of my dick and said in a low, husky voice, “You mean a sexual favour?” “Well, ma’am, if you want to, and I could lose the tape.” She then wrapped her hands around my now hard dick, I took this to mean yes. All she did ...