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    I woke up with a buzz, staring up at my white ceiling the events of last night began to unfold… at first I felt a pang of guilt but I remembered how much I enjoyed it, I remembered her warm mouth enslaving my dick, I remembered my cum trickling down her chin and falling down her blouse, I remembered that final smile, oh how much I really wanted more to happen. I stepped out of bed into my bathroom with a semi hard on, thoughts came creeping in and before long I was rubbing my dick, I thought of sliding my dick down her throat again as I stroked my dick with like my life depended on it… it came washing over me, the drowsy feeling, the bursting of a million stars in your head and finally, I came in large spurts on the mirror, wall, and floor. The mess was so much I had no choice but to clean up. I came downstairs after a bathe and special grooming of my hair and body. I saw mum at the dining alongside dad and terry (my sister). Mum flashed me a smile and said “hmm, someone decided to look fresh this morn’, ure in time for breakfast honey”. Dad smiled at me and terry ignored me as usual. I sat at y usual spot opposite mom with dad and terry on each side of me, halfway through my food I felt a leg up my shin, I froze almost choking my food, mom was the first to ask “are you okay honey”. I looked at her and said I was fine but I thought “how can you be so cruel mom, u know well what’s wrong with me”. She kept tormenting me with the leg and I sported a raging hard on till the end ... of the meal. I was the last to leave the table, dad left for work and terry went up to her room. Mom came from the kitchen “having a hard time down there honey” she knelt before me with her apron still on, my dick pulsed with more blood engorging it a little harder and mom went to town. She licked the head, the underside and went for my balls she played around with it a little before sucking them like sweet balls, I moaned deep into my skull, I felt like jelly and I melted into my sit, just then we heard terry’s feet coming down the stairs mum stood up using her body to block me from view, all the while grinding into me, she craned her neck and answered terry from the doorway giving her permission to go out with her friend (Megan), “now where were we” she said and went back to sucking my balls, she pumped my dick with her slender fingers while sucking my balls, soon she sucked my dick slurping at the base as she continually tried to go deeper even though my dick was obviously too big for her to deep throat, she held back her gag reflexes nonetheless, I soon found myself moaning and groaning, “do it baby, give mummy your sweet, hot cum, mummy needs nourishment” he dirty talk was too much to handle, I erupted for the second time that morning, I surprised myself with the amount of cum I pumped into mum’s mouth “yes, I love your cum sliding down my throat” I tried to touch her boobs but she swatted my hand away “be contented boy, were never doing that”, she smiled gently at me ...