1. Dead Stick (CAW 25 Entry)

    Date: 10/19/2017, Categories: Science-Fiction, Blackmail, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Monster, Violence, Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com

    The air was arid as I walked across the dry desert area miles from my home. I was on a quest to stop the bitch who was the absolute curse of my life. The dry wind blew out of the south, a hot tongue of dryness that tried to suck any moisture from any thing it touched. I had miles to go just to reach the border of her forest, then I had to struggle even more miles through the thick tangle of under brush. It was going to be tough going considering I couldn't really run now, not after what she'd done to me, plus the fact I couldn't really let anyone see me. Me? I'm Tyrome Greenstick, retired cop and modern mage extraordinaire. Well, I was till a few days ago. It all started when I met the true bane of my life. Hell, I thought my ex-wife was bad, huh! This bi... woman mage though, damn good looking and a sweet time in bed, was as alive as a cold, dead, fish. To see her in and out of bed you'd have sworn were 2 different women. So anyway, a week ago I met her in a bar. You know, knock a few back, watch a game on the tube. I, like every other guy at the bar had to pick his jaw off the floor, when in the front door walked this vision. Slender hips, deep blue eyes, the kind you don't mind getting lost in, legs that started at her feet and seemed to go on forever. Her hair was like a fine silk that shimmers in the sun, and her blood red lips had every man in the place hurting for even a taste. About now I was thinking why was a good looking woman like this, downtown in some seedy ... bar? Then the biggest shock of all when she stopped in front of me and spoke, "excuse me sir, is this seat taken?" Hell who was I to say no? Right now I felt like the luckiest bastard in the place. "Sure," I said, "here let me dust it for you," pulling out a hardly used handkerchief, I cleaned the stool for her. "You're very kind," she said. Then she pulled something from her purse, I immediately recognized it as a spell charm. "There, I think that ought to give us enough time to speak." Looking around at everyone frozen, I knew we had 'bout half an hour. "I am sorry I had to resort to this, Mage Tyrome, but you were exceedingly difficult to locate," she said smirking at me. "I have an address, you could've mailed me something faster than working up a freeze spell charm, unless you need the practice?" I hinted to her. "You might say that, I've heard around that you, you have a certain set of skills that are required for an uh... hum...rescue mission," she said demurely looking out through her long painted lashes. "Mission? I've heard no word of rescue missions from the council," I replied a little taken a back. "That's because the council are the ones who are holding my sister captive, you remember that ice caper last month? She was taken prisoner by some low level mage." She spit out." I wasn't about to break her bubble since I was the mage to capture her, it had been my last case. I had finally grown tired of the danger and life threatening jobs I had to do. Looking at her ...