1. Marathon Man

    Date: 10/19/2017, Categories: Fiction, Teen, Cheating, Reluctance, Author: JohnnoAllthwaite, Source: sexstories.com

    Marathon Man by JohnnoAllthwaite Fiction, Boys/Teen Female, Cheating, Reluctance Weatherfield England, Summer 2012, the London Olympics year. We all had Olympic fever, well that's my excuse. We was down the Flying Horse one night having a few bevvies Al and me when this bloke in a tracksuit with a clipboard and stopwatch walks in. "Hey, no trainers allowed in here," some clever dick twat in a roll neck sweater pipes up. "Very funny," the guy says, and he turns to this group of posh twats sat there and asks,"And what exactly are you doing here?" he enquires. "Training!" the guy joked and his mates thought it was the funniest thing since we put cling film over the bogs. "Jesus christ you're all drunk!" the bloke exclaimed. "Drunk?" Big Yin the five foot two anorexic Scotsman that was behind the bar protested, "They've barely wetted their lips, a half each is all they had!" "Then where have they been drinking?" the guy asks. "It ain't drink mate," I said. "They been snorting coke in the bogs," Al added. "Wankers!" we agreed and laughed because that's what you do when you've had ten pints of Stella (Artois) down your neck. "Oh no!" the guy said, "You're joking right?" "Don't think so," I told him, "You want a pint?" "Ah, no, I don't have my wallet." he admitted, "You idiots do know you have a blood test at nine tomorrow morning?" "You're kidding right?" the prat in the roll neck gasped, "Oh fuck!" "Yes, you're fucked all right." he said, "The College take a dim view of drugs, ... not to mention the Athletics Association, you idiots could be banned for life." "You're all right," Al says, "We'll take the test for you!" "Oh great!" he said, "You're about three times the limit!" "But we ain't drugged up are we squire?" Al asked, "Look we're offering Ok." "Thanks but no thanks," he said, "God knows what a pair of skivers like you have been taking." "Oi," I said, "I been helping Al on the bins while Jib-bob Harrogate's off with the lurgy." "That's hardly the point," he said, "These are trained Athletes, their physiques honed," he looked at me, "What's so funny?" "They are?" I laughed, "Fucking Athletes, snorting coke and taking it up ech other's asses round the bogs, who you kidding?" His gob just flopped open like a goldfish, "Well what you expect when you ban them from having girlfriends?" I asked, "Stands to reason you'll end up with a bunch of queers." He looked like he been smacked across the face with a wet Haddock, "Oh hell!" he said, "Oh bloody hell." "Didn't you realise?" I asked. "Jesus you wee idiot," Big Yin says, "Surely you must have knowed?" "It all makes sense, they don't seem to get any faster," he said, "We have an Olympic trial on Saturday, Ilkley marathon." "You're fucked then," I said. "Ah you know you offered?" he said. "Fucking blood test," I said, "Not a fucking ten mile run!" "Twenty five more like," Al agreed. "Ah, Twenty Six miles, three hundred and eighty five yards," the bloke said, "I'll see you tomorrow morning at the University ...