1. The Joke That Backfired

    Date: 10/19/2017, Categories: Bisexual, Author: territeach, Source: LushStories

    It all started with a joke. I have to go out of town three times a year with my high school students for regional competitions in various technical fields. We have to have a proper teacher/student ratio on these trips. With money tight in the districts, the teachers have to double up in the hotel rooms. My husband always teases me with comments like, ‘Which male teacher are you rooming with this time?’ or ‘Make sure to pack your red lace teddy.’ Har har. So this trip I was rooming with Melanie, the new Culinary Arts teacher in her first year out of college. As the kids were scrambling excitedly through the hotel halls, we went around to make sure that they stayed in their assigned rooms. We were finally free to make it into our own room and began to unpack. We were talking excitedly about the next day’s competitions as we pulled stuff out of our overnight bags. I was paying little attention as I threw stuff on my bed and I grabbed some piece of clothing and pulled it out of my overnight bag. Melanie started giggling. I looked in my hand to see what she’s looking at and I see a fire engine red one piece nightie! “That bastard! I’ll kill him!” I turned about as red as the nightie as I stuffed it back in my bag. “This is my husband’s demented idea of a joke, Melanie.” I then told her the whole story. “So, he thinks I’m in a room with a male teacher and hides this… this ‘thing’ in my luggage! Wait until I call him later!” Still fuming, I step into the bathroom to get ready for ... bed. It takes a while for me to brush my teeth and take off my makeup. I had taken off my blouse but didn’t feel that it was a big deal having Melanie see me in my bra. I mean, I still had my slacks on. So, I stepped out of the bathroom to go get my ‘real’ flannel PJs and there is Melanie, posing in front of the mirror in MY red nightie! “Oh, my God! Melanie! That’s not funny! It… it doesn’t even fit you!” Melanie is 23 or so… very petite but with a very nice figure. In fact, I had really no idea how nice her figure was until I saw it in my nightie. Her breasts are at least a C cup I would think (mine are large B’s or small C’s, depending on the bra) so she was sort of spilling out of the lacy cups. But it wasn’t doing her much good from the waist down… it was kind of hanging off of her hips. I hadn’t really regained my ‘girlish figure’ after the birth of my 10 year old, Nathan. But I’m not fat by any means. Melanie is probably a 36 while I’m a 34. I’m not much into lingerie and I don’t think I’ve worn that thing since the first week back home from the hospital. My husband had bought it for me shortly after I got on my feet after coming home. He was horny and gave it to me as a ‘coming home present’. Anyway, it was sort of old fashioned in that it had the two snaps at the crotch for quick and easy action and those snaps were fastened, but to little avail on Melanie as the snaps are about an inch below her groin area. Her short hair was in a full bob and with her red highlights, ...