1. The Unexpected (Part 1)

    Date: 10/20/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Mature, Author: Amilz, Source: xHamster

    The Unexpected As a freshman in college I was just finding my way. I was somewhat reserved but I still had women hit on me. I just didn’t find a lot of women my own age attractive. There was a sense of maturity not present, one of the biggest turnoffs for me. Linda was a light skinned black professor, short and curvaceous who soothingly referred to students as her “babies”. I was often the only male in the class because I was a primary education major which inevitably attracted attention. She spread her attention equally until one day she took notice of my gradually changing appearance. I had begun lifting weights the month before and I gained close to 10 pounds of muscle and my toned physique became ripped. I was getting a lot more attention from women of all ages. “You look good” she casually stated as I stood in her office working on an assignment but the focused and prolonged eye contact hinted at a sexual appetite in need of satiation. I matched her gaze with equal intensity. She responded first, “It’s getting late, you are welcome to work on it at my house”. I could tell she regretted the statement immediately. She knew she needed to tread lightly. Her reputation was on the line. She looked away worried and ashamed, “I told Melissa she could come over too. She was close with her students so I couldn’t tell if the statement was true or not. I agreed to stop by and thanked her for the invite. I was stressed about the assignment, a 40 minute speech that I was ill prepared ... for. Any type of public speaking caused me to tense up. I found my mind wandering, her calm voice remerged like a late echo in my imagination. I would take her up on her offer. I pulled up at the head of a long driveway canopied with large walnut trees. It ended at a well maintained one story brick home. I stepped out of my car and glanced up at the deep orange sunset. I had a habit of staring up at the sky especially at night in awe of its staggering expansiveness. I knew subconciousnly I was drawing out the moment in anticipation of what was soon to come. I wanted it to last. “Well, are you coming?” a soft voice accompanied a smile that snapped me out of my mental meandering. “Yes, let me grab my things.” I quickly responded. She was wearing the same work outfit. A long tanned blouse at the breast that still somehow displayed the suppleness of her breast. She had a youthful charisma despite her age and a body that women in their early 20’s would be jealous of. I walked into the living room that housed a sweet aroma slowly seeping in through the kitchen. “That smells good.” “Thanks, would you like some casserole?” “Sure, sounds great!” I responded. “Did Melissa make it?” “No, she said something came up and said it would be really late before she could stop by.” She smiled and said make yourself comfortable. I sat on her lush couch and followed her As a primary education major I was often the only man in the class which added to the attention. Linda neverI had never had large ...