1. Getting her mom into bbc

    Date: 10/20/2017, Categories: Fetish, Interracial Sex, Taboo, Author: cuckwanabe1983, Source: xHamster

    I left the car at the repair shop; the check engine light came on while driving to work that morning. Since the shop is only a mile away I walked home. I figured that since I couldn’t go to work I’d stay home and do a little cleaning. The house would be quiet with my daughter at school and I could finally clean out my closet in peace. After calling work and telling them I wouldn’t be in today I changed into some old clothes and began to clean out the closet. I hauled out boxes of old clothes and shoes to be picked up by the charities and threw out a lot of old magazines. Finding a box of old photographs I sat in the closet looking through them. My daughter Beth and her best friend Tina did not see or know I was there when they came in from school and they went straight to her room. Inside my closet her room being next to mine I found that I could hear clearly everything they said and did. At first they just talked about school then a little about the boys they liked. Tina asked what is your password I want to check out that sight for a bit you said they just updated it Beth said june18 laughing Tina said your birthday is easy to remember. After a time Tina said wow they did add some more videos too bad we are not old enough to get them then the computer went off. I heard the sounds of clothes being removed I thought Beth was just changing out of her school clothes. Then Tina said who are you going to be today? Beth said Shawna I would love to see that video of her, it sounds ... hot her getting black pregnant doing that gangbang. Then the sound of wet licking and sucking sounds came from her room. I heard Beth say ooh yea eat me Tina I love what you do with your mouth. Tina laughed and said I love your mouth too then they played out Beth’s fantasy being gang fucked by niggaz and getting knocked up as Tina ate and played with her pussy. Then they switched and Beth ate out Tina as she fantasized being Heather and also being knocked up by niggaz gangbanging her. I was totally shocked and surprised that those 2 thirteen year old girls were having lesbian sex fantasizing about getting pregnant by blacks. I understand them being curious about sex at their age because I had gotten pregnant with Beth just before my 13th birthday. Tina asked have you ever thought about doing it for real? Beth said oh no some of the things they do is way too violent and gross! No said Tina I mean get pregnant. Beth said oh yes all the time but my mom would ground me forever if I did, I would just love to have Sam get me pregnant with his black baby, how about you Tina? Me too I would love to have Dwayne’s little nigger baby growing in me but you know that I would never be able to take care of it. Tina! said Beth, you know I don’t like it when you use that word, only when we sex. Yea I’m sorry Beth but you know living all that time with those rednecks it kind of comes without thinking I know you don’t have your cherry Tina have you ever been with a boy? No like I did with yours ...