1. Giving myself to my husband's boss and his wife. Part 3

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    This is part 3 of the story. You will probably want to read the other parts first. Kevin takes Monifa on their first away business trip. The time had finally arrived for Kevin, in his new position, to go on the first trip to represent the company. There was going to be a big convention in Las Vegas and Kevin was expected to meet with several of the company's clients and close some sales. If everything went as they hoped, he would come home with well over one million dollars in new orders for the company. Mr. Wilson, his boss told him to do whatever it took to get that business. Kevin was excited about the business challenge but he was also excited that he was going to be able to take Monifa, his new and very attractive nineteen-year-old black secretary with him for the three nights that they would be in Vegas. Mr. Wilson gave Kevin a company credit card and instructions to use it as needed but not to get carried away and he told him that he had made reservations for him and Monifa at the hotel where the convention was going to be. He smiled as he made it clear that the room had only one bed. Kevin, "You had better go tell Monifa about the trip. You leave one week from today." Kevin called Monifa into his office and told her. She ran to him and gave him a kiss. "I can think of one problem. You are only nineteen so there will be a lot of things that you will not be able to do in Vegas." Monifa smiled and showed him a very realistic fake ID that showed that she was twenty two. ... Kevin smiled, "Well, I guess that takes care of that little problem." Kevin also thought about his wife, Nancy and he decided that he was not going to mention that Monifa was going with him. She would beg to go but he had to come up with a good reason why she could not go. They were in coach but the flight was not really full so no one was sitting with them. The flight was cold so Monifa asked for a blanket and the stewardess brought her one. At least that was why she said that she wanted the blanket. Monifa lay her head on Kevin's shoulder and put the blanket over both of their laps and in minutes she had snaked his prick out and was stroking it. She would stop whenever someone passed so they did not see the blanket moving. She was a little late one time and a guy saw what was happening and gave them a smile as he passed. Kevin had to stop her before she brought him to a climax and messed up the blanket. He stuffed his manhood back in his pants and rushed to the toilet where he finished himself off in the sink. He left without thinking and left a puddle of cum in the sink and streaks on the mirror. Monifa had the window seat. When she got up one time to go to the toilet, she squeezed past Kevin rubbing her breasts against his face and she giggled. When they got to the hotel, there was a line about five deep at check-in but before long they got up to the desk. They handed the clerk their reservation paper. He asked for a credit card to process if they made any charges to the ...