1. Sheryl 4

    Date: 10/20/2017, Categories: True Story, Authoritarian, Consensual Sex, Job / Office Sex, Older, Mature, Author: Thickexperienced80, Source: sexstories.com

    I apologize for not writing before, I have had a tough time getting some time at home to sit down at write (yes, my wife doesn't know about this). I hope you enjoy this story. Feedback is always appreciated. If you want to know something specific about Sheryl and our experience let me know so I can think about our joyful past and if something true to that effect happened, I will write about it. All my stories are true, regardless of some of the comments I've received in previous stories from Sheryl. I'm sorry if you don't believe me, it just shows I have had more luck in going to bed with women that are worth it than you have. Women: I would love to hear your input on my stories, get your perspective and see if you would do things Sheryl and I did. Cheers. ****** Sheryl and I had been going out for about 6 months at this point, we had had quite a share of experiences but this one has always stood out. I had stayed at her place overnite and nothing really had happened, which was rare as we had sex as much as we could, and if it wasn’t sex it was making out our masturbating each other. The alarm went off at around 6am and we both got up, she went to take a shower and I stayed in bed resting. When she got out of the shower I got dressed and headed out. Sheryl was wearing her usual black silk robe that was a little but short (above the knee). She walked me out of her room and started to head to the living and towards the door. We both worked at the same office so we started ... kissing goodbye and said we will see each other soon. The kissing didn’t stop though, it kept going and going. My heart started to pound and blood started flowing to my dick. I felt it getting hard and my head (of my dick) started to swell. I could feel Sheryl was getting excited; she was moving her head from side to side, moaning and breathing fast. We were making out aggressively right inside the door next to a couch. I knew I didn’t have too much time and she might stop me if I walked her back to her room to fuck her. So I decided to take a short route. I turn her around so that her back was facing me and kept kissing her neck and kept touching her pussy with my hands, I started fondling her breasts. After a few minutes of that I pushed her on to the arm rest of the couch, face down. Her stomach was resting on the arm rest and her butt was facing up. It’s amazing up to this point we hadn’t said too much, it was all intuition… and we didn’t say too much after this point either. I took my cock out of my pants, just brining the zipper down (not taking them off) and with my dick head on my hand and I parted her short robe to one side…Sheryl was facing forward not even looking at me, I can still see her blond hair laying on her shoulders and her white gorgeous round butt cheeks waiting to be pounded. My cock was on her lower back, and I slowly stared to bringing it to positon, grazing her as I slowly moved down her lower back, to her butt cheeks… I kept going lower and all of a ...