1. Mid afternoon Desires!

    Date: 10/20/2017, Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: Jizzylady, Source: xHamster

    Trying to control that urge for big black dongs and thinking about preparing to be a nice Lady at a Christmas Party with Mick is very hard, in fact just thinking about being all sweet and innocent id making my pussy ache more for a black stuffing!!! I was in the shopping mall when the urge to be naughty hit me! I was out alone looking for a new pair of killer heels and a party frock. I found the heels or rather 'porn' shoes-silver impossible heels and platformed soles. I tried them on and saw a few guys peeking at me, one really staring at my legs, so I gave him a flash of my stocking tops, lifting my mini dress to tighten the rear suspender strap! He smiled then looked away quickly as his Lady stepped from the changing room. Shoes in the bag next shop for a new frock. Great a small pink mini dress, backless with a plunging neck. Tried it on with the shoes and no bra and a quick trot around the store. I felt someone looking at me closely through the shop window? Looked again and he seemed to have gone away, so feeling that the dress with the shoes would be entirely unsuitable for the Party I bought it! Those bl**dy boring looking wives that attend with their dull lives! Give them something to gossip about. I changed back to my white mini dress and red stilleto shoes and left the store full of bags now. Outside I paused as the phone rang from Mick saying he would be late home this eve. I saw a young guy looking at me as I was on the phone, yes that was it he had been ... looking at me before too, while I was in the 2nd shop? I guess he was about 18 yo, Tall baseball cap, shell jacket in orange and a pair of baggies in white. What got my interest was he was of Afro black origin too. He looked shy but still was looking at me and he smiled at me as I looked at his big round face. I could see he very tall from the people walking past him. I came off the phone from Mick and decided to walk over to the young guy, stood upright and placed his hands behind his back pushing his hips forward as he did, he was leaning on the shop window. In this position I imagined I could see a nice package in his baggy pants? For sure something was there? He saw where I was staring and moved his hips slowly, the package swayed over one way then back again, this made me tingle inside and my heart raced. I got to him and looked up at him, he said a nervous,'Hi'. 'Oh Hi', I replied a little excited. The chat seemed to dry up at that point and I could see he was very young indeed! I said the 1st thing that came to me! 'Are you here with your girlfriend then?' 'Er no I have no girlfriend,' he said. 'Ok, why you here in front of this ladies store then? You were looking inside a minute ago?' I asked. 'Well I was looking in at you really I guess,' he said and blushed. 'Really looking at me, well why me?' I felt I had to quiz him as I am so much older than him. 'Well ermm Lady you are so pretty, I like your legs and your bottom is amazing and I like pretty white ladies too. he ...