1. Puppy Play Part 1

    Date: 10/20/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Foot or shoe fetish, Humiliation, Incest, Teen, Teen, Author: Miles_Something, Source: sexstories.com

    It started before dinner. After rising naked from taking off daddy’s shoes and redressing him Daddy orders me to go into the shower, bend over and grab my ankles. I’m wondering what his plans are. He can’t be starting play time this early. Daddy comes into the bathroom and pulls out his hard dick. I love seeing him hard but I love it even more when I know that it’s simply from viewing me and running his hands over me. When I take daddy’s shoes off it’s a very sensual, intimate encounter for both of us. Daddy spends the time looking at my body, soaking up my essence and running his hands over my body while I kiss and worship him at his feet. Daddy’s hands wander all over what’s his, over my back, my ass, my pussy, my breasts, my hair, my cheeks.. everything. Imagine that you have been reacquainted with your beloved child hood toy or the one thing you always wanted. This is how me and daddy relate to each other during our shoe ritual. Daddy walks up to me and spreads my ass. I lean over whimpering already…knowing there’s only one thing coming and craving it. Daddy starts peeing and aims it directly on my asshole. I react the way I always do when daddy owns me this way. I utter a low guttural moan and instantly start to drip. It’s not the pee that does it for me….It’s the ownership. My master is marking me in a deeply primitive yet extremely intimate way he is making me his own. It seems odd that something so stigmatized could be so intimate. I’ve thought about it a great deal, ... sitting up at night evaluating my latest sins, and I think it’s because of this stigmatization and because of what it represents to us, something private, that it is so intimate. I never thought I’d be here, bending over, ankles clasped, my pussy dripping wet with his hot piss spraying all over my ass. Yet here I am. Daddy changes his angle and I feel his stream running over my back and running down my shoulder and into my hair. That realization does something to me. “Nice girls don’t get piss in their hair” I scream at myself and think “no… nice girls don’t…you are not a nice girl”. Daddy interrupts my revelry and asks “do you like it?” “Yes daddy” I barely whisper. “Say it” I knew the command was coming, it always does. This is one of his favorite parts. Making his little sweet angel admit these kinks. He loves helping me explore my soul and we’re slowly learning it had more kinks than a corkscrew. I say it for us both ” I love it when you piss on me daddy.” “Turn around” he commands and I do, straightening bringing me up to his chin. Big innocent eyes are what daddy loves and I widen them looking my most innocent. “Say it again baby” daddy commands. I blush and say “I love when you piss on me daddy.”. “Good girl” daddy growls and I flush with happiness. He’s so sexy standing there. Oval, emerald green, intelligent eyes smiling at me. His stubble all over his cheeks making him just a little prickly. His thick cock still in his hand, still hard for me. “You’re such a filthy ...