1. Possessed - Part IV

    Date: 10/20/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Alien, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Domination / Submission, Gay, Mind Control, Author: eroticmonster, Source: sexstories.com

    PART IV The door slammed against the wall and the two alphas entered. Nathan hadn’t heard the click of it being unlocked and it made him jump. Evidentially his captor was also taken by surprise as his body jolted. “Right slut, second go.” Said the bigger one. Nathan felt himself being manoeuvred into position and realised with a start that he could feel more of his body. Why and how? He needed to find out. * * * I was delirious. My fantasies were becoming reality. They used handfuls of my hair and sharp slaps to my body to force me into position. Back on my knees Chris now held my head and Tony was behind me. My ass was throbbing from the first fucking but it felt empty. Having Tony’s cock in there would be heaven and my mouth was already watering at the thought of Chris’s monster. All my thoughts turned to this moment. Every instant was savoured as one might a sip of brandy. Years of longing were distilling down into a reality I had dreamed of for so long and I wanted to preserve this experience forever. A record of where this new life began. In my heightened state every nerve in my body was tuned to the highest sensitivity and all the brain power I could spare to process and remember. I could barely hear the porn on the TV. Then it started. Chris pulled my hair and I swallowed his cock. At the same time Tony impaled me from behind. They owned the rhythm this time. Both thrusting into me at the same time. I lost myself. I lost myself to the degradation and to the cock. I was ... here, where I’d dreamed of for so long. * * * Nathan steeled himself for the pain but it wasn’t as bad as last time. Worse was the inability to breathe. This one’s cock was so big it stretched his jaw but as he couldn’t control his body he had to rely on his captor. And his captor seemed to be losing it. Nathan could feel the weight of oppression lift. One notch on the belt of the prison. No longer did the torrent of information from his body pour through in tightly controlled streams. Now it seemed to come from everywhere, random feeds piercing the barrier from all directions before shutting off and appearing from a different direction. He tested his prison again. A soft outward pressure. Tensing his mental state he visualised himself exhale and grow. His confinement expanded, the fog began to clear, and more feeling from his body poured through. He felt the soreness of his knees and the locker key bands cutting into his wrists. A slapping against his balls announced Tony’s balls with every thrust, a dull pain seeping in. He even felt his nipples tingle, their erect buds untouched and desperate for attention. Nathan always loved the girls biting his nipples. Another expansion gave him more of his own brain back. He felt his consciousness flood into every neuron as water fills a vessel. Each firing of his synapses gave him more. More intelligence, more space, more information. More power. And with each enlargement the hatred that drove Nathan increased. An exponential growth ...