1. Girlfriend and Daughter

    Date: 10/21/2017, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Cum Swallowing, Author: randyoldman, Source: sexstories.com

    My Girlfriend and Daughter I had been single for about 10 years after a bitter divorce battle. I had lost everything including half of my pay packet; thank god, we didn’t have children as who knows how much I would have been paying the bitch. However, she had recently remarried and now I didn’t have to pay her anymore, I could now start to think about buying a place of my own and anywhere I wanted. I wanted to go into the countryside away from all the people I knew and make new friends, people who would not remind of the bitch every time I saw them. I must admit the divorce had hurt me and if I was being honest, it was my fault. If I had been able to keep my dick in my own pants instead of trying to get it in the pants of every woman I met. Anyway, I had learnt a lesson, a very painful and expensive lesson, but I had learnt. No one was going to hurt me again. I had been seeing other women but only for what I could get out of it, I didn’t stay around long enough for things to get serious. I had also been seeing a few prostitutes; I had become a regular customer to some of them. I was getting my rocks off without any ties, it had been fun for a few years but I felt something was missing. I had been feeling this for a while now, but it had gotten stronger since my ex had remarried and I didn’t have the responsibility of paying her. I must have felt needed but I didn’t even have that now. Sorry, getting a little upset here. Anyway after a few month I found a nice place in the ... country, I even managed to transfer to an office nearby, only30 minutes travelling time I now felt I was able to restart my life. I was still using prostitutes, but I had to travel back to where I used to live. I was with one of my more friendly women and told her about the travelling when she offered to talk to one of her friends who lived near to where I now lived. She told me it would be a couple of weeks before she spoke to this friend and that if everything was ok and her friend agreed she would give me her number. True to her word, next time I visited her she not only gave me her friends number but a half dozen more. She explained that she had asked around and managed to get these other numbers for me, further explaining that these girl were a variety of ages and amongst them should be able to cater for all my needs. She also gave me a free blowjob that night as a farewell gesture. I told her I would still come to see her if she agreed, her answer was, well in that case, I would have to give her a blowjob next time. No hardship there then. I had to register with a doctor and not knowing anyone in the area I checked the internet for surgery’s and phoned the nearest one to my home for an appointment. I thought or hoped I wouldn’t need their services but best to be safe than sorry. I was given an appointment a couple of days hence. I arrived ten minutes early for my appointment; the receptionist gave me a form to fill in. When I had finished and returned it, I was led to a ...