1. My first BBC

    Date: 10/21/2017, Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Trans, Author: Cum_on_Eileen, Source: xHamster

    Ever since I discovered &#034BBC&#034 on the internet, I have always wanted to play with one. Before then, I had no idea that black men were into white sissies. In my mind I had them stereotyped as the type of man that would never have anything to do with a crossdresser. I thought they were too good for us. How wrong I was when I made my presence known on various websites. BBC's, handsome, well hung, BBC's from all over the world were telling me how hot I was and how they wished we lived closer so we could hook up. That last part was killing me! Virtually every BBC I met online lived too far away. All I could do was look but not touch! Distance is the worst chastity device in existence. Finally after creating my account here, I was able to attract a BBC that was only 30 minutes away. He was into me and wanted me in a bad way, almost as bad as I wanted him, ALMOST! After a couple of months of chatting and trying to get our schedules to work together (he is married and my job consumes most of my weekends), we were able to meet at a hotel room on a Saturday evening. I had booked the room because I needed to get there first so that I could get myself ready for him. I brought a candle and a bluetooth speaker as well. He was looking for a romantic evening and I wanted this evening to be perfect for him. After rushing around and getting ready, I had about an hour before he was to show. I put some 70's music on, lit the candle, and poured myself a glass of wine. I was wearing my ... black nighty, fishnet stockings, open toe high heels with an ankle strap, and my best smile. He finally showed up, a bit late because of traffic, and my heart was a mess. It was beating so fast I thought it would pop out. My stomach had butterflies in it, and my legs were visibly shaking from anticipation. He is a fit man in his late 40's. A bit short, maybe 5'7&#034, and his smile could melt the biggest iceberg instantly. He was so handsome! He was also a bit shy, although he denies it, I think I was his first Sissy. He sat on the edge of the bed with me and talked, and talked, and talked, and talked... Finally I realized it was up to me to get this party rolling. I reached over, put my hand on his cheek, and kissed him softly on the lips. That was all it took to awake the sl**ping giant! Once I did that he was all over me! He pinned me on the bed and kissed and rubbed me all over. Finally I was able to break free from him and start undoing his pants to take them off. Once I got them and his underwear off, I was very pleasantly surprised! From the pictures of him, I thought his cock would be about average, maybe 7 inches. NO, it was every bit of 9 inches, and it had a nice girth as well! I softly kissed the tip of it while massaging his balls in my hand. It was so hard you would have thought he was a teenager going through puberty. I put my mouth around the head, inhaled, and took as much of that cock as I could down my throat. It was by far the proudest moment of my life when ...