1. Drizella's Revenge

    Date: 10/21/2017, Categories: Fiction, Fan fiction, Female Domination, Incest, Lesbian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Group Sex, Written by women, Author: Mistress_Mommy, Source: sexstories.com

    Cinderella walked into the music room- where her step-sisters Drizella and Anastasia practiced the flute, violin and their vocals. The sisters had rang their bell indicating they needed Cinderella for something. Since the Step-mother was out she expected the bell to be ringing non-stop but in the two hours since she had gone to town this was the first ring. And it was odd. Though Cinderella was grateful she was still a bit suspicious. The music room had light purple walls with a mismatching red and gold rug. Her real mother had had it decorated differently but when her father remarried after her mother's death, Lady Tremaine redid almost every room with money her father didn't have. The sisters were standing on the other side of the black grand piano, Drizella's arms were crossed over her flat chest and Anastasia's picked at each other in front of her. "Cinderella, have you finished cleaning the floors?" "Yes Drizella, just now." Cinderella resisted the urge to roll her blue eyes. Drizella was the snobbier of the two and definitely the bossier. Her brown hair made her brown eyes seem oh so normal and her nose was most certainly too big for her face. "And have you finished the laundry?" Anastasia chimed in. "Yes, with the exception of folding it all to put it away. The sheets are still drying." Cinderella explained. Anastasia could be nice. As children she had been more willing to accept Cinderella in their games than her older sister. But Anastasia also had a rather large ... nose. And her ginger hair did nothing to complement her pale freckled skin and dull brown eyes. "Good." Drizella practically hissed. Cinderella stood for a moment, Drizella's eyes raking her clothes with a malicious gleam. Probably mentally gloating that my father's dead and can no longer spend money on me that would be "better suited" for her "needs". Cinderella bitterly thought. Anastasia was avoiding Cinderella's eyes, which wasn't actually that unusual but she still felt uneasy. Drizella must have had a reason to call her in there. "Was there something-," Cinderella started. "Have you ever touched a man, Cinderella?" she interrupted. The blonde-haired beauty was so caught off guard she just stared wide-eyed at her step-sister before stammering, "N-no. I've had- no reason to." Cinderella knew she was blushing but Drizella seemed to believe her. "And yourself?" she asked. "I'm sorry?" Cinderella asked, honestly confused. Drizella rolled her eyes and unfolded her arms, taking a few slow steps toward Cinderella. "Yourself Cinderella! Do you ever touch yourself?!" She stopped a couple feet in front of Cinderella and put her hands on her hips. Cinderella immediately began to picture herself, with her hands under her skirt, her panties thrown across the floor. One hand in the top of her dress, caressing her nipples till they perked up reaching for the warmth her own hand offered; the other rubbing that sensitive spot- back and forth and then up and down till she thought her eyes ...