1. Sisters By The Pool Part 16 (Thanksgiving Special)

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    Things progressed rather stagnantly after the school carnival rendezvous. Danielle and I continued to be an item in school, and weekends generally consisted of the two of us, with the occasional guest appearance from Hailey. It had actually been a while since I had seen Melanie, or the rest of the cheer squad, and the break from juggling more than two girls at a time had been a welcomed recovery period. Of course, there was still that little annoying chore called school in the way. I was a pretty smart student, but the overwhelming majority of my classes were boring, and it eventually became a game of survival. I had heard of many young adults working for the weekend, but that was essentially what I was doing during the school week. I finished homework assignments ahead of schedule so that I could have as much fun on the weekends as possible. And, with Danielle and Hailey around, it certainly wasn't difficult to find something interesting to do with free time. As November flew by, we eventually made it to the first extended holiday of the school calendar - Thanksgiving. Danielle and I had briefly discussed trying to spend the occasion together, though there was still the matter of telling that idea to my parents. "Really?" my mom responded when I mentioned having Thanksgiving dinner at Danielle's house. "Our family always spends Thanksgiving together. I know you like this girl, but certain days are just for family." "I suppose we could have Thanksgiving together" my dad ... chuckled, and my eyes nearly bugged out. The thought of all of our parents sitting around, especially with the awkward arrangement of Danielle and Hailey, was a little more than I could handle. "No, that's not practical" he finished. "I don't think they've been seeing each other long enough to do something like that." "Why don't I just spend the first part of the day here, and then when we finish eating, I'll go over there for a while?" I finally proposed. After a brief pause, they both seemed fine with my compromise, and I relayed the news to Danielle. "Better than nothing" she texted back with a smile emoji. "You've already met my folks, so there's nothing to worry about." Ah, yes, I had met her parents during the interesting vacation we all took a while back. Her mother was a non-issue, and seemed to be totally fine with me. Her father was a bit of a tougher rock to crack, but I think I had done a decent job of presenting myself to be an acceptable young man, at least away from closed doors. Of course, we didn't have the amount of conversation time that we would most likely have at tomorrow's event. ... After an unimpressive night of sleep, I woke to the smell of turkey in the oven. Thanksgiving was always up there on my list of favorite holidays. Between the multiple day break from classes, seeing some family, and the delicious food options, there were few holidays that could beat it. I put on some clothes, walked downstairs, and flipped on the early Thanksgiving football ...