1. my favorite cousin! babysitter

    Date: 10/23/2017, Categories: Fiction, Boy, Incest, Older, Reluctance, Teen, Author: JailBird81, Source: sexstories.com

    From the author_please take it easy on me. This my first time! But this is vanilla compared to the other stuff. Like i said I'm in prison and looking for penpals. Peace! _holden aka jailbird Thier was no one i enjoyed babysitting me more than my cousin Alex. She was my moms age, my aunt was 30 years my moms senior (that's the age diff) . Me, I'm "18" (minus a few) but my dad is long gone and my mom has to work all the time, so i have several differnt care takers. But as i said my cousin is the best! She was just always willing to keep a overactive kid like me busy. So saturday when she came over amd mom left ahe knew what i wanted.... to go swiming! (Not what you thought i was going to say? Well your a perv ;) so i threw on my trunks and i was.gone! Jumped straight into the pool! Alex came out a few minutes later and i was floored! She must have bought a.new two peice swim suit and found some confidence at the store, because she has never been so reveiling. She has put on some weight since her divorce (which was before i was born!) But she is still so beautiful! If only she could see it! Most her weight is in her breast and her ass, i mean there is big boobs, then there is huge boobs, then there is my cousin Alex ;) you could tell this was her first time in this swim suit, her arms and lower legs were tan but eveything else was white as a ghost! She was even shy around me, quickly gettinh in the pool so i wouldnt stare. We swam and played in the pool, throwing the dive ... rings and playing marco polo. But still she stayed neck deep in water, obviously regreting her swim suit choice. I put on the goggles and got the dive ring, i swam under water all the way to Alex in the shallow end, and for the first time got a good look at her body. Her breast were swaying in the water, i could see both her nipples and even her bumpy areols pulled tight, i looked down to her bottoms, i.could see the outline of her slit and a small mound above it, i was becoming dizzy, my brain starved for oxygen but i kept looking her up and down until she pulled me up. She still was up to water to her neck.... "what were you looking at, mister!?" She said in a playful way. Lets get out for a bit and rest. She climed the stairs first, and i was glad she did, watching the water rush off her body as she stepped out of the pool, the way her bottoms clung to ass showing every detail of her behind, then she put two fingers in the elastic and situated the bikini bottom, and for just a brief moment i saw a little bushy mound of hair. "Come on, you have to take a break! You can put some lotion on my back! " She said, and diddnt have to tell me twice. I sat in the chair as she sat on the lounge, rubbing the lotion all over her arms, then to her cheast, she made small talk as i not so suddley whatched her every move. "So how's the baseball team?" "Fine" Was all i could muster, as she moved down rubbing the top of her breast that were falling out of the bikini. Her nipples just pointing ...