1. Joey and his Bullies 5

    Date: 10/23/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Authoritarian, Bisexual, Teen, Discipline, Exhibitionism, Extreme, Hardcore, Horror, Humiliation, Older, Male Domination, Older, BDSM, Scatology, Teen, Slavery, Teen, Violence, Voyeur, Teen, Author: mathew elizabeth, Source: sexstories.com

    Joey and his Bullies 5 By Mathew Elizabeth Joey,Evan and Little Jake made it to school before the bell rang. School was already a place he considered hell. But he believed his thoughts of the past would be nothing compared to his experiences he was going to take part in the present. Both Evan and Jake lead him into the school toilets. He already knew his day of humiliation would be more than mere name calling and punches. The boys of this school were going to really degrade him. Verbally, physically, mentally and sexually. He was pushed into the dimly lit toilet area. The walls were mere ugly bricks' with no paint or design. The yellow light flickered slightly indicating that it may go out in a day or two. The place smelled of urine and fresh teenage farts. He was pushed further; past the five toilet cubicles and into the more open part where there were the silver urinals on the wall. There waited at least a dozen 16-year-old boys smiling evilly and goofy like. They were waiting for the funny show Joey was about to give them. Little Jake and Evan sharply pushed Joey on his hands and knees. "Well here he is boys. As we promised." Evan jeered evilly. Little Jake knelt down towards Joey's frightened face and slapped it. SLAP!! "Fucking strip; Faggot!" The thin arrogant teenager scorned angrily in his command voice. Joey pulled his pants then his shirt off in obedience. "Now crawl around like a dog." Evan smiled down with his piercing beautiful yet scary eyes. Joey began to ... crawl around the toilet area. All the teenage boys laughed and laughed. They looked around at each other in amazement. Unable to believe what this freak was doing. "Do you need to piss faggot?" Little Jake added with a wide eyed maniac grin and laugh, "Well go over there and cock your leg and piss like the doggie you are. Joey obediently crawled over to the corner or one of the cubicles and cocked his smooth slender legs and pissed like a dog. He pissed all over the side of the cubicle door. All the boys laughed, holding their stomachs and saying "Good Doggie". For such a slim and slender boy, the dozen cute 16-year-old males stared goofily at Joeys fat round bottom. It was so beautiful and juicy like a grown woman's buttocks. While Joey was on his knees he spread his legs and poked his butt out towards them. The boys around Jake and Evan laughed hard. "This is real funny shit!" A cute young boy said, touching the crotch area of his little trousers. "You fucking gay ass homo faggot pig!" Evan yelled "Well come on then piggy! Oink for us! Oink you fucking fag!!" Joey crawled around with his bare ass exposed making oinking noises like a little piggy. All the boys laughed even harder and all started touching their crotches in their pants. "Tell you what would be really funny?" Little Jake announced. He then whispered into Evan's ear. Evan then laughed. "Do you need to go poo-poo pig?" Evan asked Joey in a evil grin. "No!" Joey said blushing. The truth was Joey was holding in a turd ...