1. Cheyenne 2

    Date: 10/23/2017, Categories: Fiction, Romance, Author: Pussyeeter, Source: sexstories.com

    When I got home from Hawaii, I sat down and confided in my uncle. I told him about my little problem, and by that I mean my tiny dick. Keeping Cheyenne in mind I told him about it and told him that I didn't want that to be the reason she dropped me should we become exclusive and had sex. So he and I did a tremendous amount of research, visited doctors and finally he ordered male enhancement pills. A whole shit ton. Good thing since I was less than 5 inches long and very thin. It was overnighted and I started taking it immediately. So as the school year went on, I was getting bigger. I was excited as hell. I also had put quite a bit of weight of nothing but muscle on. I weighed 215 pounds and I was solid muscle. Cheyenne loved my body. She had no idea that I was making my dick bigger, but she didn't need to know. During the school year I realized that Cheyenne was getting so much more touchy feely. She was all over me to the point that we were close to holding hands. My 17th birthday came and she took me out to dinner that night. She was very sweet to me and every time I looked into her eyes she would smile. I could feel the chemistry getting more and more stronger. That night ended with her kissing me on the cheek. Then Christmas came, and boy did I spoil her like crazy. On New Years she had to work since she had gotten a job. I made it a point to call her and wish her a happy new year. After she got off of work she came over and spent the rest of the night with me. We slept ... together, no sex, just slept, and that's when I knew that we were in love with each other. We kept trying to hide our feelings for each other but we were starting to fail miserably. Then spring came and so did the spring formal. She asked me to it and of course I said yes. She never stopped hanging all over me, or looking at me the way she did. I still loved it. It sucked worse when summer came and I left for Hawaii. She all but sobbed when we said our good byes at the airport. My auntie did all she could to calm her down. I cried as I walked away from her. While I was in Hawaii, we talked every night. We would fall asleep on the phone together. It was then that she started to drop hints to me, and it seemed like she was scared to tell me something. It was at the very end of Summer and it was almost time for me to go back for my senior year. Two weeks before I was to board the plane I called her and we had a very good conversation. Then the conversation I hoped we would have, finally happened. "God I miss you." She said. "Yeah I miss you too. I thought I would never say this, but, I can't wait to get home." I said. "I can't wait till you get home to me. I need you." She said softly. "Well Summer is almost over so I'll get to see you soon. In fact about two weeks from now." I said. "That's true but two weeks seems to long though." She said. "I know, it's killing me." I said. "So let me ask you something." She said. "Ok go ahead." I said. "What would you say if I told you that ...