1. the rendezvous

    Date: 10/24/2017, Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Author: scarlettmoongirl, Source: xHamster

    Author's Note: This is a shorter story than many of those I've shared, somewhere between a mix of plot and sexual content. It's not a sudden, sexy read but there's a faster progression with characters leading to intimacy. Of course, same thing as usual, please bear in mind that this is adult content so don't read this if you're not of legal age. Enjoy! *** Chapter I Drenched in sweat, I wake in a mass of sheets with the cotton fabric stuck to my back, heavy with sweat. The dreams are gone now and once again I don't really remember them. This is the seventh night I've woken in heavy darkness, a racing heartbeat the remnants of what must have been a powerful dream. I shudder, the coolness of the air in my room settling over me as I untangle myself from the sheets to sit up. I crawl across the bed to get my phone from the bedside table. The time reads five fifty seven, with only three minutes until the morning alarm on my smartphone is set to go off. I scramble to turn off the alarm before it sounds out, stagger up and proceed to get ready for the rest of the day. As the effects of my morning coffee begin to stir me into action, I follow through with the process of my daily fitness routine. After I've completed pushups, pull ups and a run on the treadmill for twenty minutes I'm satisfied that I've done enough for a Monday morning. After showering I get ready to leave the house, the cool fall air refreshing against my face. Now's probably a good time to talk a little about who I ... am. I'm Jess Blaine, a twenty two year old studying social work in college. I'm tall, a couple of inches away from being six foot, lanky to the point where working out is a necessity to build muscle to give the impression that I'm not a twig. I'm kind of a huge lesbian when it comes to appearance. It's pretty obvious I'm queer, with my dark hair trimmed extremely short around the back and sides and slightly longer on top. It's the stereotyped lesbian look which speaks for me, as opposed to me having to open my mouth and say it. It's not quite a punk rock look, not quite the stereotyped classic conservative men's hairstyle either. I also happen to comfortably wear clothes designed and sold with men in mind. Generally, because I'm so slim I try to seek fitted items of clothing, since I have a vastly different body than what men's clothing is designed for. I'm no fan of wearing tent-like outfits, but that's just me. Anyway, enough of how I look, there's more to all of us than appearance. It took me three years after finishing high school and working in several different fields (most of which weren't that great) to decide what I wanted to make a career out of. The idea of being a social worker or a counsellor of some kind seemed like a good idea since I imagined that helping people would be a worthwhile career choice. And so here I was in my first year of study, already realizing that I was in it for the long haul and I had better do the best I could, so that a Masters in social ...