1. Sharing Cindy Chapter 10 "She Fucks a Coworker"

    Date: 10/24/2017, Categories: True Story, Cuckold, Female exhibitionist, Hardcore, Group Sex, Author: KMan8698, Source: sexstories.com

    Sharing Cindy Chapter 10 Thank you all for continuing to read about my adventures with my beautiful wife. These stories all happened over the early years of our relationship. While I couldn’t possibly write about each and every encounter, I try to focus on the some of the best or at least ones that had an impact on me. I hope that you enjoy them and maybe gain a little insight into what life is like for a couple that enjoys sharing. Over the years, there have been many men who have hit on Cindy. From friends, to strangers, to coworkers and even her bosses; all seemed to want to get close to her. And who could blame them? I don’t know if I have ever really given a description of her yet. She is a beautiful woman who stands about 5’4” tall with long auburn hair, piercing blue eyes and a flawless complexion. Cindy was blessed from birth with a body to die for. She was one of those girls who went from an “A” cup to a large “C” cup within two months when she was 15. They have since grown to full “D’s” and look great against her small frame. It seemed that wherever she went, she was always getting her share of attention from men. Of course some of that attention came from people she worked with, including her bosses. She always seemed to be attracted to men in a position of power and when a man is in charge, it adds a little something extra for her. I would like to tell the story about when she was hired to work at a rental car company. There was a rental car company that was ... not far from our apartment and while we were there one day to rent a vehicle, she noticed a sign saying they were looking for help. She set up a time for an interview and within a week she had gotten the job. Her duties were be to be the face of the company and work the rental counter. She seemed to fit right in with the few people who worked there. Ron was the other rental agent. He was a young guy, maybe mid twenties and like not much taller than Cindy herself. He was built like a wrestler with broad shoulders and some serious muscles. Then there was Mike and Kenny and a couple of other guys who worked on the vehicles. Finally there was Louie who was the owner of not only this business, but several others. So basically she was the only female at the company. As you can guess, she was required to dress nice as she was in the public eye. This of course meant skirts or dresses and usually heels. It is always fun helping her buy professional yet sexy clothes to wear, knowing that others will see her in them and be turned on. The rental office always seemed to be a little chilly, so I made it a point to buy her very sheer bras that would allow her nipples to be seen beneath her tops. I am not sure if she knew why I bought her these bras, but she always enjoyed getting new lingerie for any reason. After a couple of weeks at her new job, things seemed to be going pretty well and she was enjoying being the only female there. One evening she walked in the door and told me something ...