1. It's A Good Day To Die Chapter 3 Alternate

    Date: 10/24/2017, Categories: Fiction, Death, Murder, Non-Erotic, Romance, Violence, Author: Hawkrider, Source: sexstories.com

    Graduation night mission: I had sent out my letters to Susan and Chelsea a couple days ago.‭ ‬I had put the same address on both since I knew that the party would be held at Susan's.‭ ‬I had made sure that both had a sign and deliver seal.‭ ‬We get called in to do a high profile snatch‭ ‬and grab.‭ ‬We get paired up and its Bear,‭ ‬BW and me in one team with the others partnering up.‭ ‬We go over the plan while we head to the mansion the local drug lord is in.‭ ‬We get dropped off two clicks south as we go in fast and hard to the location.‭ ‬We get‭ ‬there and see four lookouts.‭ ‬Long Range says he's got this and I watch while he fires four rapid fire shots killing all four in under three seconds.‭ ‬He turns and smiles. ‭"‬Ladies first.‭" ‬BW flips him off and he turns to me ‭"‬Hey Schoolboy same bet‭?" ‬I look at‭ ‬him ‭"‬Deal but I also want twenty bucks and some glasses because you have the whitest ass I have ever seen.‭" I say while‬Pol snickers ‭"‬For someone who is as tanned as him I have to agree.‭" Pol says while ‬BW shoves me back ‭"‬Well if I win you suck me off.‭" He states while ‬I smirk back ‭"‬No one's mouth‭ ‬is that small‭" I exclaim ‬while I kick him in the ass and sprint forward ‭ ‬I kick in the door and rush the first guy I see firing.‭ ‬We go through clearing each room.‭ ‬We finish and I hear everyone calling clear for their rooms.‭ ‬BW comes out and Bear is right behind him.‭ ‬I turn to smile at my newest godfather and I hear a sound I will never forget ... as long as I live.‭ ‬I watch as Bear's chest explodes and he falls to his knees as some tweeker pops the breech on a sawed-off double barrel shotgun.‭ ‬I snap my M4‭ ‬onto target and‭ ‬I shoot him in both shoulders and his knees.‭ ‬I rush to Bear while he gasps trying to breath.‭ ‬He smiles as he asks me something that he has asked no one else. ‭"‬Schoolboy...no Matt can you deliver a letter to my daughter Lisa‭? ‬I want her to know that she was‭ ‬always on my mind.‭" ‬I nod telling him I would ‭ ‬He smiles as he tells me he has left his family with a better gunsmith than him and that all his toys were now mine.‭ ‬I tell him fuck that and that he was strong and he'd be back in a couple days.‭ ‬He smiles at‭ ‬me before he shakes his head,‭ ‬as he looks into my eyes.‭ ‬He takes one final breathe and he is gone.‭ ‬I cry for the man who has been like a father to me and is now gone.‭ ‬I look at the tweeker and snap.‭ ‬I start pounding him while he begs for me to stop.‭ ‬I hear BW scream for me to stop but I don't listen.‭ ‬This little fuck killed my friend and I will send him straight to hell.‭ ‬I crack both of his orbital sockets and snap his jaw.‭ ‬I look at Bear and see his old Ka-bar and pull it out.‭ ‬I hack the guys fingers off‭ ‬and start gutting him.‭ ‬As I finish the prick is still alive but barely.‭ ‬I ask BW for his SAW.‭ ‬He looks at me and I snatch it away.‭ ‬I pop it over to full auto and see that I have about‭ ‬200‭ ‬rounds left in the box.‭ ‬I walk to the asshole ...