1. crossdressing at techno party been fucked by 3 men

    Date: 10/25/2017, Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Trans, Author: sissyslave78, Source: xHamster

    Some years ago i whent to a gigant techno party I dicide to go and dress as a bitch Well i was there dancing in the trance floor i was so happy to get to this place and dress sluty . I was dancing at the back of the dancefloor sudently 3 men where getting closer to me and we finally dance togthere and having fun. One of the guy whent to get drinks for all of as , so we drink all toghtere that was my mistake ! The guy have droped some d**gs in my glass after 30 minutes i started to feel strange . I left those guys to go to the toilet But one of the guy followed me to the toilette when i try to go out of the toilette the guy push me back in and befor i try to ask for help is dick was already in my troat i fucked my troat really hard i feeled is precum dropping in my mouths .sudentlly the d**g started to work and i lost controle of my self for a minute or two. When i came back to reallity is dick was already deep in my ass i was fucking me so hard i started to make noise like a whore ! And finally i feel is cum deep in my ass. The guy bring is pants up and start to walk away but is friend was already waiting outside . The second guy enter the toilet i ordered me to go on my knee and suck him too so i started to suck is dick was a monster well i was sucking i get slap on my face and called all kind of dirty names i fucked my mouths for a long long time i had is precum allover me ! I get hurt and started to cry so i slap me harder . And that guy gived me a second pill to eat , so ... i deed ! After that i start to fuck my back pussy And i was not a fast comming boy so i get penetreted about a hour i get is load on my face , well i was thingking that i will get free soon that was a mistake the guy whent out of the toilet and befor i locked the doors the last guy push the doors and enter the toilet I start to suck him after 10 min the second pills start to make me so high . And when i come back to really my dick was locked in chastety divice i asked him why did you lock me I answer because we want to see you more often I finished to fuck my burning ass and put is sperma in me again befor i when out of the toilet i gived me is number and say to me to call him in the morning to get out that bird cage ! So i deed i call him in the morning on my way out of the rave Them where waiting me outside in a car so i get with them and ask them to free me . But the guy locked the doors and start to drive out of zurich . After a will we arrived in a small harbour where them have a boat so we all climb on board of the boat , there i get fucked so much all sunday after noon by this 3 guys my ass was just getting open wider and burning like a good fucking girl must like it ! I try to ask them to free me but them where laughing at me and finally them droped me at train station in zurich on sunday night , i whent out of the car walking strange my ass burning and of course the chastety cage on my cock ! So i have to come back again and again in zurich to get free from the cage ...