1. f***ed to be Female Pt2

    Date: 10/25/2017, Categories: BDSM, Trans, Taboo, Author: PaRiaH236, Source: xHamster

    Back in my room I lay on the bed trying to come to terms with the fact that I was being f***ed to become a woman. I kept looking at where my testicles had been, trying to see what they had done to me. My penis had been pulled back into the space where my testicles had been and then they had stitched it flat. I soon found that I had to sit in order to go to the toilet. I felt my face and arms. They were so smooth and free of hair. My chest was bare and smooth too and I looked at my nipples for any tell tale signs that might suggest that I was growing breasts. My nipples felt sensitive and I could just feel the skin around becoming tighter. Looking at myself from the side I imagined that I was beginning to develop a bust. I had been in my room a few minutes when Ann and Eric came in. She told me to remove my clothes and to lie on the bed. I did as I was told and she began to massage ointment into my chest and around my nipples. Ann explained that the ointment would help my breasts develop and would keep the skin supple as my breasts became larger. She then giggled and said that perhaps I would prefer Eric to massage me. Eric grinned and came over eagerly to take over from her. I had to endure the feel of Eric's hands on my chest, his fingers running around my nipples. I felt them harden and Ann noticed this and smiled. &#034You see, Susan, as your body changes to female, so will the things that arouse you&#034 She called me Susan so naturally that I felt stunned. Ann appeared ... to consider me as a woman already. And as for Eric, he was almost drooling as he massaged my chest. When the massage was over I was allowed to get dressed again. Ann then told me to follow her and I was taken into a room where I was given some food to eat. The food I was given was part of a special diet, explained Ann. It would help me to loose weight as it was intended that as a woman I would have a shapely figure. Ann told me that I could call her Ann in future and she then proceeded to tell me that she would be responsible for ensuring that I learnt how to live as a woman. She would show me how to apply make up, walk and talk as a woman and how to dress as a woman. &#034The hardest part of the treatment will be getting you used to be treated by men as a woman. You will learn that you are completely at their mercy. As a woman you will be physically weaker and your emotions will be changed. Even if you find it hard to believe now, your female body will sexually arouse men and when that happens you will have to submit to their desires&#034 She smiled at me and added that by the time my treatment had finished I would have such a complete female body that I would only get sexual satisfaction as a woman. My desires and urges would be female despite any attempts by me to control them. &#034Once you have been given a vagina, you will want to spread your legs for any man to fuck you, even Eric here&#034 she said grinning. When we had finished eating, Ann said that she and I were ...