1. Such is life 4 (edited to comply with new policy)

    Date: 10/26/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Hardcore, Incest, Author: Pussyeeter, Source: sexstories.com

    We all went water skiing and water boarding on the lake. I got to drive one of the pontoons we had out there. We all jumped off of the pontoons and later ass just met and tied ourselves to each other and floated together. Later she and her mom went to her room to gather her things. As I waited I pulled my phone out. Me: please understand that I am in no way mad about this, but I found out that u posted the pics of us on the internet!! Miss Roberts: r u sure that u r not mad at me? Me: oh god no!!! Miss Roberts: that is by far the most popular set I have on my profile!! Me: so I saw! It's my cousins favorite set too! Miss Roberts: really?! Me: yes! She wishes that she would have been the photographer for us! Miss Roberts: god thats just bringing up some great memories!! Me: I know! Miss Roberts: so are u going to have some fun w her? Me: I think I will be tonight. She wants me bad! Miss Roberts: did she tell u that? Me: yes she did! Miss Roberts: welcome to the club!!! Me: thank u!! Miss Roberts: have fun and try ur best to not make her bleed like u did me! Me: I'll try lol!! Miss Roberts: lol Me: she is here. See u later Miss Roberts: ok have fun sweetie She had a key now so she just let herself in. She dragged her luggage in with her mom right behind her. It was still pretty early so after she dropped her stuff off we all went and ate with the family. She had changed into something else and it had me almost drooling. She had a shirt with a plunging neck line and nothing on ... under it. She had to be really, really careful on how she moved or her sexy little tits would fall out of her shirt. She had to basically hold it up with one hand as we ate. She also had these very tight little shorts on with her bikini bottoms on and had left her shorts opened. As we sat there eating I felt her hand slide onto my leg. She started to rub my leg with her finger tips sending chills through my body. When everyone was busy doing other things and looking away, I grabbed my phone and sent her a text. Me: are u trying to make me hard? I sat for a few seconds until she grabbed her phone and sent me a text. Liz: yes I slid down in my seat a little and spread my legs. Me: go for it then She read her phone and trembled for a second or two. Just then I felt her place her hand back on my leg and started rubbing my leg. She rubbed in small slow circles slowly. My cock was getting so hard that it started working it's way down my right pant leg, getting harder and harder. I was wearing a pair of jeans so you can imagine the pain that went along with it. She didn't have to work her way up my leg to reach my cock because my cock was working its way towards her fingers. She exhaled hard when she felt my cock head slide under her fingers as it grew longer, thicker and harder under in my pants. She looked over at me and smiled as she moved her hand and started to squeeze my cock as it continued to grow. All almost spit my drink out as pleasure ripped through me. She leaned forward ...