1. Summer of revelation

    Date: 10/26/2017, Categories: True Story, Teen, Gay, Masturbation, Group Sex, Author: Quizich, Source: sexstories.com

    Story is true, but names are changed to make them easier to read by English speaking people. This, of course, implies that I'm not from EN speaking country so, please be gentle to my writing and use of English. I'll call myself John. This name has nothing to do with my real name, but if anybody wants some tongue exercise pronouncing my true name, PM me and I'll tell. At the time of writhing this, I'm 42, happily married with no kids of my own (can't have kids). Events that I'll write about (in this story or maybe few of them more, depends of feedback) took place 28 years ago, when everyone involved were very young, kind of worry free and much more open to listen and try something ... well, something different. I was younger of two kids - my parents got daughter (my sister) six years before I came to bee. We lived in beautiful flatlands of my country, with only my (now late) father employed. As you can imagine, we didn't had much but we had exactly as much as we need for normal life. We owned a house, and my sister and I shared one room, my parents second and house had nice kitchen and dining area with comfy living room attached. Being as it were, I never had any privacy while in house except for toilet and bathroom, and that too was only for short periods of time - I remember that soon as I entered bathroom somebody will yell to me to hurry, because they have to go. My entire life I was ... well, chubby. Not too much, as I was told, but I had some fat on me, mostly on my ... belly and pecks. In result, I had a bit of tits which, as it turns out, will be deemed attractive ... but, I'll come to that. At 5 ft. 5" at that time, I was a bit higher than rest of my buddies with hazel eyes and short brown hair. My two best friends were same age as me, and we knew each other and got really close long before we started school. As I recall my childhood we spent every free moment together, playing and doing stuff that young boys do ... and we did a lot of mischief that is for sure. I'll call two of my buddies Ben and George. They were my peers, just few months younger than me. Ben was well built in a kind of lumberjack way - broad shoulders, fairly muscular and with small amount of fat on his lower belly. Blue eyes and light brown hair were just pluses to its appearance. George, on the other hand, was purely sporty type. Although he was a bit shorter than me, he had slim build, very well proportioned - in a word, runners build - without single shred of fat on him. His muscles were very well defined. Hell, as soon as in the age of 12 he had full six-pack on his belly without any effort. Unfortunately for him, his nose was quite big - he got it from his mother - and often his black-as-coal eyes never got proper attention, since nose would steal it all. His hair was quite long because his dad liked it that way, but he was kind of unhappy with it. Our teasing that he had a hair like a little girl surely didn't help. And, was he into sports ... he'd always try to ...