1. The Submission Of Anna Marie

    Date: 10/26/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Discipline, Domination / Submission, Straight Sex, Fan fiction, Male Domination, Romance, Spanking, Author: tj_hawk, Source: sexstories.com

    Anna Marie's phone rings after you’ve collected the days mail. You don’t recognize the number but your curiosity starts to stir. “Hello?” “Ms. Marie. I’m Mr. LeBeau. You’ve been making several inquires about wanting to do a interview on me?” The line goes silent. Your heart begins to race as your grip your mail tightly. “If you are interested, dinner at my place tomorrow night. Does eight sound OK?” She clears her throat as a small boost of confidence rushes through you “sounds perfect Mr. LeBeau. But I don't—“ He cuts her off abruptly. “I’ll have a car pick you at 6. And please come dressed for dinner Ms. Marie.” “But wait, how did you—“ the line goes dead. You sigh softly as you lean back against a metal post in your walkway with a smile on your face. The thought of what should she wear has her rushing upstairs picking out an outfit. She didn't want anything too revealing. She picks out an black tank blouse, with a black skirt that just barely just goes above the knees. Hours past, she’s laying in bed reading from her tablet, wearing a black tank top with pink PJs. She’s reading an updated erotic novel she had been waiting to read. As her eyes scans through the novel she becomes aroused, but tries to fight the feeling of giving in and masturbating. Her body shifts to get more comfortable, the urge making itself known a lot more. Her legs gently rub together, her hand trails down the top hem of her shirt; and caressing her nipple, letting a small moan escape from her ... lips. At that moment, the thought Mr. LeBeau appeared in her mind as she let her hand glide down her pjs, and down her panties. Another moan escapes her lips as she begins teasing herself, rubbing her recently shaved pussy lips as she bit down on her lips more. Her hand moved further down, letting a finger find the opening of her pussy , pushing slowly as a gasp had escaped her mouth followed by another moan. Longer than the previous one. Had been a while since she ever had a !an touch her, and she was thinking about this man she nothing about just do that. Her finger moved in and out of her slowly, her breathing becomes panting as she pulls her PJs and panties off, kicking them off to the side. She added another finger inside her, slowly fucking herself becoming more aroused and her moans moaning becoming more intense. she stopped for a moment to open her side drawer to grab a vibrator seven inches in length and almost two inches wide. she had turned it on, began running the length against her pussy to get it lubricated before pushing it in. she moaned arching her body, turning it on, and spreading her legs a bit. Her moans began to get louder as she worked the toy in and out of her, her free hand started to grip the sheets as she fucked herself, working the toy in and out of her faster. her legs started to almost close on themselves as she was close to cummimg, she pulled the toy out and rubbed HSR clit furiously until she squirted on the bed with a loud moan. she laid there ...