1. Babying Heather

    Date: 10/26/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Cheating, Job / Office Sex, Straight Sex, massage, Masturbation, Pregnant, Author: Shyboy5150, Source: sexstories.com

    Spring time means the start of Trade Show season in my business which means lots of traveling, hotels and masturbation. I’ve been with my wife now for twenty years and things have become pretty stale with our love life. My wife pretty much only likes sex one way and that’s if she even has time for it between work, kids and running the house. I’m not complaining, I love my wife but I’ve always had a variety of tastes and fetishes when it comes to sex. One of the things that always has got my motor running in a big way is pregnant women. To me, there is nothing sexier than the site of a woman looking pregnant. The loose fitting clothing, the enlarged breasts and glowing features that come with being pregnant. We have three kids and my wife pretty much had to beat me off with a stick I was so horny for her. (No pun intended!) Unfortunately for me, my wife’s sex drive was always non-existent during pregnancy except for when she was close to term and wanted intercourse as a method of inducing labor. My wife would instruct me to lie flat on the bed and stay in that position so she could get on top of me. No foreplay, she would just take her clothes off, sit on me and stuff my engorged cock into her. I would watch in amazement as her swollen tits bounced as she rode me with purpose. Her round belly and full body rocking on top of my cock were some of the most exciting sexual experiences I’ve had with her. I was fortunate enough that when she really wanted the baby out, she would ... try for days riding my cock to induce labor. Traveling was something I always looked forward to just so I could explore various porn sites on my laptop without having to worry about my wife being disgusted in what really turned me on. I would always arrive at my destinations a day early just so I could drop my bags in the room, open my laptop and jerk off before having to fulfill any of my work obligations. This would happen at least every day of my trips, sometimes twice a day as the internet offers multiple ways to get yourself off. As a senior buyer, I always had to bring and assign staff to attend these shows with me. Foe the last four years, one of the staff that I always brought with me was Heather. She was great at her job. Super-efficient and I had come to rely on her for these trips. I’ve certainly got to know Heather well from work and these trips as you pretty much spend ten hours a day together between walking the floors of the shows, dinners and late night bars. Now Heather was a gorgeous lanky red head with freckles and a killer body complimented by her perfect tits. She was ten years younger than me, newly married and was pregnant for her first time. The more she started to show, the more attracted I was to her. Heather was now six months pregnant and I was pretty sure that going on the road for days at a time, walking concrete floors for eight hours a day would be out of the question. I posted the intercompany email on who I would be taking to the show this year ...