1. true story of life with my wife (shared) PT 8

    Date: 10/27/2017, Categories: First Time, Mature, Voyeur, Author: thaone7421, Source: xHamster

    well when i returned home from dropping mike off, Marta said she was feeling good so i asked her well how about round two she looked at me with a fuck you look and said im not ever going to drink like that again its to painful the next day,we went to lay on the couch to watch tv but there wasn't anything worth watching so she just layed back against me and we just talked, I thanked her and said i really enjoyed last night it was like we were back in our younger years,When we used to talk while having sex i asked her if she remembered much about last night she said that she did remember some but not everything,I asked her if she remembered me telling her that we should start going out more like to dinner and then to a club after for some drinks and she could dress slutty for me i told you that you would have all the guys eye's on you trying to sneak a peek because your outfit barely covered you.She said she did remember a little about that.i then said do you remember telling me well what if one of them wants to fuck me.with that she planted her elbow hard into my rib cage and said i did not say that,I just laughed and said yes you did but its ok it turns me on when we can talk like that. I told her we should start going out since the k**s are old enough to be home alone, she said that would be fun,I said would you dress slutty for me she said of course. I was going to tell her what she had said about mike but i decided not to because it might scare her. By that i mean she ... may not want to drink so much with me anymore thinking she may let the cat out of the bag if she got to d***k. I then told her that i was thinking about remodeling both restrooms in a couple weeks after we get caught up with everything at work i told her that i asked mike if he wanted to help and he said sure.I said he also asked me if i would hire him and a friend of his to help us get caught up he said he liked working part time and they would work cheap since they were beginners in this field of work,I told him i would think about it. she then told me do you think it would be a good idea to hire mike to help with the remodel,I asked what she meant by that and she said you did catch him open our bedroom door to spy on me and then he had his cock dangling in my face when he was on that ladder in the kitchen.I must have turned many shades of red because i didnt know if she had asked mike about that or not, I said to myself this bitch is good lol ...I just had a strained laugh and said it didn't really happen i just said that cause I thought it would make you feel good that you turn on even guys half your age .Im sorry. and as for the shorts he said he never wears underwear they are uncomfortable to him. she accepted that and said i guess its alright to hire him then but no more stunts like that and tell him not to be up on a ladder when im in the room. Anyway i did end up hiring mike and his friend carl things were coming along very well we stayed very busy for longer than i ...