1. Bug control: Evolution

    Date: 10/27/2017, Categories: Science-Fiction, Alien, Anal, Group Sex, Hardcore, Lesbian, Mind Control, Monster, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Pregnant, Group Sex, Author: Homealone_447, Source: sexstories.com

    Bug control: Evolution By Droid447 Dr. Vivian McLeod was carefully retrieving a bug from the container. There were still a few specimens alive since she brought them back from Miranda's apartment. The doctor could still remember the night she received the call. “You have to come over and see this!” her boss said over the phone. Since then, five blocks around Miranda's building still remained in quarantine. The former leading scientist had been fired after the incident and they had reinforced security in the research facility. “Come here, big boy. Let's try to find out how you do what you do,” Vivian said, while grabbing the bug with her bare hands. One thing she knew for sure, was that they were absolutely none aggressive. The origin of this bug species was still unknown, other than the single specimen that was found frozen in the antarctic. It had been amazing to discover that these creatures could take control of other creatures, including humans, and use them for reproduction purposes. Vivian was in charge of deciphering this incredible capability. The potential was limitless and this task had become a priority for the powers that be. So far, the bugs didn't seem very good at solving problems. This made it hard to explain how they manage to manipulate complex brains. The Doctor had no choice but to experiment with human subjects. “I'll put you over here with your... mate, and get out of your way.” The Doctor placed the bug next to a woman laying on a table. She was ... Lydia, one of Miranda's co-workers. She was still reported as missing in the police files and she would remain that way until they could fix her mind, which according to Vivian, was not very likely. She believed the victims were “too far gone”. Lydia was awake but unresponsive, yet her nipples swelled when she sensed the proximity of the bug. She is already getting excited. How does he do it?! Vivian thought. The bug got close to her head and delicately pushed a tentacle into Lydia's ear. The woman led out a soft gasp and the Doctor watched as her pupils dilated. A moment later, Lydia moved a hand to her crotch and started rubbing her clitoris. Vivian had seen the same behavior every time and she new what was going to happen next. Lydia would masturbate until reaching climax. Then she would do it again, experiencing one orgasm after another until the tentacles were removed from her ears. Her hand moves always the same way. I wonder if the bug is controlling her motility as well. The sensors detected vibrations within the woman's skull and tiny electrical discharges emanated from the bug's tentacle but they were too complex to show a decipherable pattern. The Doctor looked at the CAT scan and marveled at the changes inside the woman's head. The pleasure center within her brain lighted like a Christmas tree. “Wow! You are experiencing true ecstasy, aren't you?” Vivian said out loud. But there was still not enough information to understand what was causing the precise changes in ...