1. Amisha's Night Out

    Date: 10/27/2017, Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: tomshiftlet, Source: xHamster

    Amisha was not having a good time. Two weeks ago, she’d broken up with Vikram, eliciting angry calls from her parents and leading her to fail her industrial psychology exam. The whole time, her friend, Simran, had belabored the point of moving on, and Vikram—Amisha’s boyfriend since high school—had been no loss. “He’s just another desi business major,” Simran said earlier that evening in part of convincing her to go out. “You could pick another just like him if that’s what you want, and I’m sure you’re f****y wouldn’t know the difference. But really, Amisha, is that what you want? I mean, we’re not in New Dehli. You don’t have to do what your parents say.” “I didn’t even know what I want to do about all this,” Amisha said. “I know I want to go out, and if I were you, I’d want to hook up with someone to make me feel good.” It was easy for Simran to make those judgments. Her parents were far more liberal. She also had lighter skin and huge breasts, so she never had trouble getting a guy’s attention. Amisha a fairly big breasts too, but was pudgier through the belly and hips. Also, she’d never been much good at flirting. All the same, Amisha found herself at a downtown club called The Bishop; she’d relented since it was only a few blocks from her apartment. She knew she should be studying the Organic Chemistry notes she’d borrowed from Melissa. Instead she was sitting on an old couch in The Bishop’s mezzanine, drinking her second long island iced tea in as many hours. A few ... guys had come their way to chat, but most of their attention was on Simran and her v-neck shirt. Another group of guys burst through the door, their hooting incoherent through whatever Europop club remix of a Drake song the DJ had put on. From the group she only recognized James, from her psychology class, and he looked a little haggard. He was, however, looking their way after a quick stop at the bar. He traded handshakes with a few other guys before heading their way. Simran nudged her. “You know him?” “James something from psych.” “He’s cute and coming right for us.” Amisha almost said, “He probably saw your tits from outside,” but took a drink instead. “Hey, Amisha.” “Hi, James.” She gestured and introduced her friend, Simran. “You hiding out?” “No. Why?” “Two pretty girls like you, I’d think the bartender would want you out front, bring in more of a crowd.” Amisha raised an eyebrow. Simran giggled and pulled her shoulders back, so her shirt stretched across her tits. James noticed, but swung his gaze back to Amisha. “You mind I hang here a minute?” “What about your friends?” Amisha asked with a nod toward the bar. “I’ve been babysitting them for over and hour now. I could stand to have a little more class happening this evening.” “We don’t mind at all,” Simran volunteered. She stood quickly to let her tits bounce. “Save my seat while I get another drink.” As she moved aside, she pointed at James behind his back and made an oral sex motion. Amisha rolled her eyes as Simran ...