1. Sparrow's Nest

    Date: 10/27/2017, Categories: Fiction, Incest, Teen, Masturbation, Romance, Voyeur, Author: SteveX, Source: sexstories.com

    Friday night was date night for the Sparrows. Gina and Dave were painting the town red, leaving their children home alone. At 18, Sarah and Michael were old enough to be left to their own devices, and were both mature enough to be trusted. Gina still gave them "the talk" though; "No falling out. No fighting. Be in bed at a reasonable time. If you have any friends over, make sure they've left before we get home." "Unless it's Mandy!" Dave chirped, miming a pair a bosoms and nudging Michael. Michael turned beet red and stuffed his hands in his pockets; he'd had a crush on Sarah's friend for ages. "Dave!" Gina chastised, Sarah smirked. She knew her step-brother fancied the pants off her friend, but he was too shy to do anything about it. "You be good you two." Gina kissed each on the forehead and followed Dave out to the waiting taxi. Sarah waved as the taxi pulled away, Michael climbed the stairs as his sister shouted after him, "Put your headphones on this time. It sounded like a warzone last week!" Michael grunted an affirmative as he closed his bedroom door and turned on his PlayStation. It was seven years ago that Michael's mother had died; cancer had taken her before his 9th birthday, and he missed her still. Dave met Gina two years later, waiting for their kids at the school gates, they started chatting; Gina's husband had left her a year earlier for some floozy at work, she still felt bitter about it, and it had knocked her confidence somewhat, so she was taken aback ... when Dave asked her out for coffee. At first she declined, then, as Dave walked to his car after Michael, she chased after him and grabbed his elbow. "Sorry, sorry." She said breathlessly as she caught up to him, "I'd love to. Have coffee with you I mean." She smiled up at him. Startled, Dave smiled back. He had expected rejection, but this was a twist he hadn't seen coming. "Tomorrow then? Before we pick the kids up? Here?" He pointed to the little coffee shop he'd parked in front of. "Sounds great." She beamed. "It's a date." Dave told Michael in the car, he knew of Gina's daughter, she was friends with a girl he fancied at school and he was in a few of the same classes as her; she seemed nice, although he'd never really spoken to her. He only had eyes for Mandy. As Dave and Gina's love for each other grew, so too did Michael and Sarah's friendship; they were frequently at each other's houses until the day their parents married and moved in together. They had decided to get a new home; selling their own houses and discarding the painful memories that went with them. As both houses were mostly paid for with either divorce settlements or life insurance, they could afford to move to a nicer neighbourhood too. Although Michael was now friends with Sarah, he was no closer to Mandy; his shyness always got in the way whenever he got close to even speaking to her. There had been more competition for him at school too; the other boys had noticed that Mandy's blouse was tighter in the ...