1. Anita used and abused in a Jamaican beach

    Date: 10/27/2017, Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Voyeur, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster

    Anita used and abused in a Jamaican beach The winter was so crude in New York that season; so, Ana asked me to spend at least a weekend in the Caribbean, to escape from the cold. We decided to go again to Jamaica; Ana had fine memories from that island: she had been well fucked by black men some time ago, when we spent some vacation days there… We rented a kind of bungalow close to the beach. The place was beautiful, wild nature, warm weather, blue sky and a nice pine wood to cross before reaching the sandy beaches… After placing our luggage in the cottage, Ana suggested to see the place around. She put on a swimsuit just in case we wanted to have a day swim. She got naked in the bedroom and I surprisingly got a hard on as I watched her changing her small yellow bikini. I wanted to take her real quick before we went out. She allowed a kiss, as I was becoming more aroused. But Ana interrupted saying: &#034We will fuck later. Now let's go see this place”. It was then three o’clock in the afternoon; the sun was high, weather was perfect. We found a path in the wood that could guide us to the beach. When we reached the beach, Ana took off her summer dress and walked in her yellow bikini. She wanted to get in the water before the afternoon cooled down. We placed a bath towel in the sand and put there our stuff. I had not brought my swimming trunks, so I told Ana I would go naked into the water.I suggested her if she would dare to be naked with me and she accepted, telling that ... nobody could see us into the water… We fooled around in the water. Ana took my finger in her pussy lips as we kissed. She was so smooth; she had shaved just the night before. I had to have a taste. After a little finger Ana always easily gives in to the rest of what I want. And after a good licking down there, she would be submissive to anything I wanted. I stood her up and held her leg up so I could slip my tongue inside her. She pushed my head against her mound as I licked her clit. Then, she pulled me up. She was ready for more. She guided me into her as I picked her up by her ass and she wrapped her legs around me. She wanted to kiss as I fucked her, but soon I needed to put her down. I turned her around. She had her ass just above the small waves. I knew she was in the mood, so I began to talk sexy to her telling her how sexy she was bent over. I went on to tell her how good it was and that she was beautiful. I let her know that I loved fucking her shaved pussy. I know this idea turned her on. I held her waist and my hard cock entered her wanting cunt... then Ana thought she heard voices. I heard them too, but I was going to ignore it. I was about to pump her sweet pussy and make her come, when she pulled me out of her and got down beneath the water to hide her nudity. She seemed scared… We didn't see anyone, so I wanted to continue. But Ana wanted to go back to our cottage, and suggested that we could continue where we left off. As we came out of the water, she ran for her ...