1. Finally Football Season

    Date: 10/27/2017, Categories: Cheating, Author: allflavorsboston, Source: LushStories

    While I normally have to wait until the weekend to have any real fun, I got an early gift called “Thursday Night Football”. The Patriots were on TV and just when I thought it was going to be a dull evening at home, I received a text from my man telling me that he and his son were taking off to see the Patriots game at the stadium. I couldn't wait to get out of work since I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I needed to be fucked not kissed or cuddled. When I say I needed to be fucked, I mean really fucked good! I got home and turned on the computer and logged on to my favorite website and narrowed down my choices for my date for the evening. After about a half hour of looking through my friends list, I decided on to my lucky date, Ron. I chose Ron for a few reasons. The first reason is I have been watching him stroke on cam for a while now and he has a huge cock with large hanging balls. Ron also was one city over from where I live. Normally I would not go out with someone so close to home; however, when we had chatted he was very sweet but also was very graphic telling me actually what he would do to me. Ron was sixty-one which I liked a lot since I am attracted to older men. It also seemed like Ron was online a lot stroking his cock and in need a good fuck. He couldn't believe that we were finally going to meet. We picked a time about one hour from when I had contacted him to meet up at a local coffee shop. I showered and shaved so my pussy was nice and bald for him and ... dressed down just wearing jeans and a jersey with nothing underneath. I went to the coffee shop and ordered my coffee and waited at a table for him. He walked in smiling as if he had won the lottery. He ordered his coffee and sat with me. He was as perverted in person as he was online but he was also much funnier in person. He made me laugh and he complimented me a lot. When I told him we would have until the end of the football game which started in less than an hour, he said, “Well let’s go.” I followed him to his house. Once we got inside he headed right up the stairs and into the kitchen. He offered me a wine, which I took. He then led me into the living room. Upon seeing the chair he cammed from, I said, “There’s where I watch you!” He said, “Yes, and this is a good place from which we can start.” He dropped his pants and motioned me to the cam area. The website that we use and on which I had met him, was up on the computer. He turned on the cam and I knelt before him. He unleashed the “monster”. His big girthy cock flopped out in front of me and I began to try to gobble it down. He had me look into the camera and give my name and admit that I was cheating on my husband. As I sucked his cock he made me repeat, how I was cheating on my husband. I looked at the numbers of people on the site that were viewing our cam and as I continued to suck him we raced to the top of the viewership list. As he fed me his cock, he made me lick his giant balls. He knew what made me tick. He ...