1. Nude In The Adult Bookstore

    Date: 10/27/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: Thumper05, Source: LushStories

    said come on in. I got out the car, with nothing more than my wallet, slowly walked in. There I was greeted by a mature lady. As I was chatting to her, and fondling myself, out came one of the girls with client. It was very arousing and, by this stage, I welcomed guys and girls seeing me in all my glory. I eventually met each of the girls. It's funny, I reckon some of them were so tempted to touch my cock instead of shaking my hand, its soooo good. It was a great end to an enthralling night. I recently visited the same bookshop, only this time during the day. A girl was working and I had spoken to her about trying on some slutty skirts. No problem she said and showed me what was in stock. I asked if it would be okay to strip off in the store and try them on? Not a problem, she said. I hastily undressed. I'd gone prepared, no jocks, just shorts and a t-shirt. Before I knew it I was starkers standing in the middle of the store, cock up. I tried on a short skirt, which had no chance of covering my boner. She was assisting me by this stage and my cock was ...
    in full view of her. I was hoping she would grab it. I tried on a couple of other dresses and they were so tight I had to ask her help to take them off, so we were standing very close to one another. I apologised to her for my erection, but it didn't seem to faze her at all. After finding no skirts or dresses of my size or to my liking, I then found some crotchless pantyhose which I purchased and put on straight away. I was so damn hard I asked if she would mind if I pulled myself off, adding that I would be really quick. She handed me a box of tissues and said there is a TV in the DVD section if I wanted to watch as they had porn movies showing. I offered her a show, but she declined, said she was married. I went over and watched, but I really wanted her to see me cum, so I walked back to the counter and I blew my load into the tissues. What a relief! And I was moaning as I blew so she knew. I wish she'd allowed me to come on her, I would have licked her clean afterwards. Maybe that's my next adventure. Anyway, I quickly got dressed and left the store.