1. Unexpected Twist - part 2 Janes sex tape

    Date: 10/27/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Lesbian, Lesbian, Straight Sex, Group Sex, Author: Sex pistol, Source: sexstories.com

    Carla has just finished telling her story of lesbian sex with her friend on holiday, during a game of truth or dare. Carla has challenged Jane to tell the story of her sex tape with her ex partner Mick. Jane was sat on the chair blushing with embarrassment, over the challenge of her truth or dare. The room was quiet, both Tom and Carla looking at Jane waiting to see what she would say. Carla broke the ice and said, "Do you still have the tape." "Oh my god!", cried Jane. "No I don't know where it is? That bastard Mick must still have it. He will be showing all his mates, I know him!" Carla said, "How do you know it's not in his stuff we put in the garage." Jane jumped off the chair and said, "Good point, lets search his bags." The three of us went into the garage and took the bags and boxes out of the garage and into the kitchen. Mick had a lot of music and video CD movies. Jane was frantically searching the CD's and remembered he put it in a Jenna Jameson sex movie case. "Fucking hell", I said out loud, "he has a lot of sex tapes?" "Yes he was porn mad, although he did nothing for me in the last 6 months of our relationship." replied Jane. Carla and I smiled, and laughed seeing Jane rooting through the bags and boxes. "It's here" and I said, whilst holding three Jenna Jameson CD video's. "Oh good" said Carla. "Lets go in to the front room and watch them". Jane replied, "We can't watch them in the front room because the CD players in my bedroom. I have the sky tv downstairs ... and if I'm watching a CD I watch them upstairs." "What are we waiting for, lets go upstairs and watch them." replied Carla. I was led on the left side of the bed, Jane in the middle and Carla on the right. I had placed one of the tapes in the CD player and I held the remote control. I said, "Is everyone ready and I will press play." The CD played and it was a full on porn movie. I fast forwarded to the action. Jane said, "That's not the sex tape!" I replied, "I know but we need to check most of the tape". I slowed the tape when clothes were being removed, cocks were being sucked, and Jenna was in a doggy position getting her cunt rammed. Carla loved the CD especially when Jenna got a face full of cum. She said, "That girl is sexy". "Does she turn you on?" Asked Jane. "Do you like blonds?" Jane was laughing. Carla went red with embarrassment. I said, "come on girls lets find this sex tape". I placed the next CD in the player, went back to the bed and pressed play. This was the sex tape the picture quality was terrible! Mick was in front of the camera stripped naked and showing off his pumped muscles. Carla said, "That is small, surely he could not satisfy you." Jane replied, "Hey you! What are you trying to say." The camera moved on to Jane who was led on the bed dressed in full suspenders, panties and bra. She looked amazing. Mick returned to the bed and began kissing Jane, he rolled on his back and said "Your turn." Jane moved down from kissing his neck to sucking his 4 inch + ...