1. Life on Eden Trails (Part II)

    Date: 10/27/2017, Categories: Cheating, Author: CommunicationDirectr, Source: LushStories

    As great as it was to break in an eighteen year old vivacious teenage virgin, it was more exciting to have a shot at her thirty-something mother. Betty Tomkins was the type of lady that would turn any man’s eye. Standing about 5 foot four and having a model-like hard body, Betty always dressed in style, whether it was designer sweats or a work outfit. Betty knew what guys liked to see. Her most attractive feature, besides her bubble butt, and long blonde hair, was her engaging smile. Usually, the only time I would see Betty would be when she would drive up from work, park her shiny sports car in the drive and trek out to the mailbox at the curb. Betty worked as a para-legal and while her dress was always professional, she knew how to draw attention to herself. Her heels made her look taller. Her wavy long blonde hair was an instant attention getter. On more than one occasion, I would see other neighbors, driving down the street, slowing down, just to catch a glimpse of her. My wife, Beth, usually went out on Tuesday evening with a group of friends, so that would be the only time I could make a play for Betty, if a play could be made at all. I didn’t know if Betty even knew that I existed. I knew that trying to get to know her intimately was a risky adventure. I had to develop a plan. I knew it would take some time and a bit of luck, but I was patient. A few weeks went by. I clandestinely and discreetly kept track of everyone’s comings and goings next door. It seemed like ... Tom, Betty’s husband, was always home on Tuesday evenings. Eve, their teenage daughter never seemed to leave the house. Then, one Tuesday, I noticed Tom’s truck was not in the driveway, late in the day. As luck would have it, I also saw Eve leaving the house late in the afternoon. Beth was going straight out with the ladies from her work, leaving me home alone. I waited to see what would transpire next door. By 6pm, I knew this might be the night. I waited anxiously and nervously for Betty to drive up from work. As soon as I saw her pull in her drive way, I headed out the front door and pretended to be checking the mail. Betty exited her car and waved. She had on a business-like skirt and a white button down blouse. This was as good a time as any, to check to check the mail and check out the neighbor. “Hey!” I called out from my drive way. “Hey!” Betty responded, waving at me. “Where is everyone tonight?” I asked. “Oh- Eve is out with some friends and Tom is in San Francisco for a few days,” Betty responded. Betty peered into her mailbox. She took out a stack of envelopes and an advertisement from the local food store. She walked to the edge of her drive. Her long blonde hair blew softly in the wind. “Where’s you better half?” Betty asked. “Oh- she is out with the work gals tonight,” I responded. “So it looks like it will be TV dinners for each of us tonight,” Betty remarked. “Yeah, and I hate it,” I responded. “What wine goes well with a TV dinner?” Betty chuckled at my ...