1. Twin Japanese Nieces Pt29

    Date: 10/28/2017, Categories: True Story, Asian, Incest, Romance, Teen, Wife / MILF, Author: 1MTNMN45, Source: sexstories.com

    Twin Japanese Nieces Pt29 Vacations are a wonderful thing, especially when you get to go with your whole family. The two weeks we had spent in St. Thomas were absolutely outstanding and the family had been healed. But unfortunately the world does not stop in its’ day to day trials. And when we got back to the house, the trials of life reared its ugly head once again. As we pulled into the driveway we met the FedEx man just walking away from the front door. He had an overnight shipper in his hand along with his signature pad and he stopped at the edge of the front walk and waited for us to pull into the garage. “Good afternoon,” I said as I emerged from the garage. “What do you have there?” “I have a delivery for Kayko,” he said as he looked down at the package before looking up at the girls. “That’s me,” Kayko said as she walked up to him. “Sign here please,” he said as he handed the signature pad to my wife. “What is it?” I asked as Kayko took the package and the man scooted off to his truck. “It’s from the company lawyer in Japan,” she said as she carefully eyed the address on the label. Everyone piled into the house behind Kayko as I got the luggage out of the car. I was understandably curious as to what it was because we had not heard a word from Hirito since the twins had arrived. From the looks of the package, it appeared to have nothing but paperwork in it. It was familiar to me because I have received thousands of them over my 20 year career with the firm. But ... getting something like this from Kaykos lawyer definitely raised an eyebrow. When I carried the first load of bags into the house I found Kayko sitting at the bar in the kitchen with one hand covering her mouth and tears streaming down her face. Whatever it was, it was bad news. “What is it sweetie?” I asked as I dropped the luggage in a big pile on the floor. Kayko set the paper down and looked blankly across the kitchen. Her hands were shaking and she was obviously distraught. She took a deep breath and exhaled once before she blurted out the news. “Hirito is dead.” and she immediately began crying very hard, covering her face with her hands. “WHAT!” I exclaimed as I quickly stepped over to her and picked up the piece of paper. The letter was from Mr. Hurikawa, the lawyer for Hirito’s’ company. In short it explained how the company had gone downhill over the last12 years after the international deal between my firm and Hirito’s company had failed. Poor management and some bad decisions had run the company into the ground, causing Hirito to delve into serious alcoholism and rack up some enormous debt. The majority of the company assets had already been sold off, but a sizeable amount of debt remained. In a drunken stupor, Hirito had ingested a whole bottle of pain killers and killed himself. A delivery man with a bundle of legal papers found him lying on the floor of his house with the front door wide open and a whiskey bottle still in his hand. We had no idea that any of this was ...