1. Susan gets carried away.

    Date: 10/28/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: cfnmbloke, Source: LushStories

    Susan and I arrived at the famous old hotel just after lunch. We were to attend the wedding of her good friend Elizabeth later in the afternoon.. The hotel has been for more than forty years the mecca for country visitors to Melbourne. It is centrally located close to the business didtrict, and was upgraded significantly about ten years ago. It retains the charm of yesteryear, comfortable, but not in any way modern. Having checked in, the "bellhop" took us, and our luggage, up to our room, and gave us a tour of the accommodation. He was a sorry-looking individual. Wearing the traditional porter uniform, well-worn and shiny with too many trips to the dry cleaner, he adorned its shoulders with copious dandruff from his receding hair. He was in his forties, meek, had an air of indifference, and was by no means the hotel's prime asset. A loser one would ungratiously say. Susan asked him if she could have the dress pressed, the one she intended to wear to the wedding. This would be OK - " just ring reception when it is ready, and I'll come and get it." We quickly realised that someone standing at the entrance would have a good view into the bathroom if its door was open, whilst the bedroom/living area would be largely private. Susan decided to brighten up the porter's day. The layout in the bathroom saw the toilet hidden behind the bathroom door, a double vanity overlooked by an extensive mirror, leading to the bath with shower protected by curtains.. We managed to get the floor ... mat under the door, so that the door could be opened with a surreptitious foot movement, to expose a naked Susan as she attended to her post-shower routine. After I placed the call to reception, Susan went to the bathroom to wait, and I answered the knock on the door, and verified that the caller was, in fact, our target porter. I asked him to wait while I fetched the dress, at which time Susan was to sneakily open the bathroon door a little, as planned. I kept the porter waiting, asking where I could find the paperwork, then a writing implement, and a bag in which to place the dress. All this time we were not in view of each other. I thought Susan was taking more time than expected, but assumed she was enjoying herself, so I continued to ask questions about how to fill in the form, and how we could be sure that the dress would be returned in good time. I noticed that his responses were getting a little more breathy, and vague - indicating that his mind might be elsewhere. At last the waiting was disturbed by a loud crash, as if a glass receptacle was breaking, a profanity from Susan, the sound of a door being slammed, and a faint whimpering. I took the dress, etc. to the porter, who stepped back a little as I approached, thanked him (no reply), closed the door in his face, and opened the bathroom door to find Susan. She was sitting on the toilet, naked, face in her hands that were resting on her knees, shaking and emanating a low moan. I picked her up, and actually carried ...