1. Naughty Pictures

    Date: 10/28/2017, Categories: Cuckold, Author: B_Couric, Source: LushStories

    On the first day of her third year of college, Lia was surprised to find her boyfriend Jason’s roommate, Matt in her writing class. She noticed him when he walked through the door, her heart skipping a beat. He took a seat on the far side of the room. On the second day he sat next to her; she was thrilled but felt guilty about it. Lia always felt that way around him. At Jason’s apartment, she would occasionally find herself alone with Matt. He always kept a respectful distance, but Lia could tell they had a connection that could easily move beyond friendship. She found herself enjoying those little moments with Matt. He’d always offer her a coffee, but if they watched TV or studied, he never sat on the couch with her. He kept his distance and Lia was glad. Still, with their lives intersecting outside of the familiar confines of the apartment, their relationship grew new bonds. Lia was a real teacher’s pet. Her Asian mom installed that attitude in her at an early age. Matt seemed to be the opposite; he was quiet unless called on, but quick to offer funny anecdotes in class. He played to the students, not the teacher. Lia found herself laughing more often than not, and their rapport strengthened. Lia had her epiphany the day she found herself in the local campus convenience store, the condoms catching her eye. She was on birth control, but she knew Matt brought home the occasional girl and, if something happened between both of them, she didn’t want to get burned. What the ... hell am I doing? In the end, she left the store empty handed and feeling guilty. Her brain was turning to mush around Matt. She realized she had developed a schoolgirl crush. A week later, Lia thought she had figured Matt out and safely walled him off emotionally into the friend zone. He had never imposed himself on her. He respected his roommate Jason’s boundaries. That’s why she felt so stupid when she accidently let him see the pictures . The pictures were Jason’s idea, but Lia found she loved them, or rather, loved making them. Jason and Lia met in a photography class the prior year. They had paired up on a group project, that’s how they really got to know each other. They had only been dating for a few weeks, but it became clear that Jason was something of a sex crazed college student and unafraid to show it. This was all new and exciting to Lia. Until she had given in to Jason, she had been a virgin. So it was, with a gleam in his eye, that he invited her - his recently deflowered girlfriend - to have photos taken in the bell tower of Morton Hall, a stately 19th century clone of an ivy league building. She knew something was up as he played touchy feely all the way up the stone stairs to the deck that overlooked the main campus square. The bell tower had something of a reputation as a place for intimate activity, the "mile-high club" for students at their college. In better weather the tower had more traffic, but in the cold of winter it was usually deserted. On the top ...