1. Roly-Poly Johnny

    Date: 10/28/2017, Categories: Anal, First Time, Taboo, Author: tankengine123, Source: xHamster

    Roly-Poly Johnny The young teen slid a slender dildo into his ass with one chubby hand. His little body jiggled and shook as he stroked; sending the dildo in and out. He moaned and groaned… interrupted by several short bursts of giggling. He peeked at his laptop; his secret boyfriend was watching intently, eyes wide. He opened his chubby thighs so his neighbor could see him better. The teen hoped his neighbor could see how wide the dildo opened him. As the dildo went deeper, it nearly disappeared between his plump butt cheeks. He stroked his stubby fingers up and down his pecker. He convulsed… flooding his hand. Once he had recovered, he sat up and put his wet fingers into his mouth making sure the neighbor could see and imagine what was on his tongue. He blew his neighbor a kiss and turned off the computer. He was exhausted and went to sl**p immediately. His friend looked down at the floor in front of him; his cum was lying there in thick, heavy clumps. He thought back to just a few months ago… --- Elaine, his neighbor, called and asked a big favor. Her babysitter had deserted her (like her husband) and she needed somewhere to park her son for about 15 minutes a day, from the time the school bus ran until she got home. Since I worked at home, would it be OK if I watched Johnny briefly each school day until she could find another sitter? I said that I would be willing. I would be more than willing… since I had a little thing for Johnny ever since he was born. Johnny was one ... of the most spectacular young boys I had ever seen. His face was angelic. He had these big bright blue eyes; he looked almost startled even when he was just sitting quietly. Johnny had short naturally curly blonde hair. He had the most wonderful smile with perfect teeth. His lips were full and naturally deep pink. His skin was creamy white with a light dusting of small brown freckles on his face and shoulders. But what attracted me the most were his plump curves. Don’t get me wrong, he was not fat, just pleasingly plump. His mom was the same delicious way so it was a very natural condition for Johnny. Since I had an outdoor pool, I had a wonderful opportunity to watch him in a progression of swimsuits over the years. It seemed that as he got older, his mom bought smaller and smaller suits. This summer Johnny paraded around in front of me in a tiny dark purple bikini brief. Most of his glorious bubble butt was naked. His round belly protruded in front like a soft pillow. Johnny’s plumpness caused him to have tiny breasts. His breasts resembled small jiggling mounds of gelatin. As he jumped and moved, they seem to have a life all their own. His belly and behind jiggled and bounced too. There was a tiny bulge in his briefs that bounced when he ran. He “adjusted” his little mound sometimes when he saw me watching him. He would give me a shy smile before moving his hand away from his brief. What was he thinking? Why was he teasing his neighbor, his honorary “uncle”, his “bestest” ...