1. The boy next door: part 3

    Date: 10/29/2017, Categories: First Time, Gay, Taboo, Author: adblman, Source: xHamster

    The storm subsided just minutes after I hung up the phone with Julie. She didn't seem bothered at all that her eldest son had come over to my place without her permission. It seemed as though moving to this new neighborhood had granted her a freedom she never had before. When Julie spoke with me at Jack's birthday party, she asked me and nearly begged me to watch over the boys from time to time. After all she is a single mom of two boys and she wants more than anything, to continue explore that new found freedom. The way Julie saw it, Kevin was already old enough and there were only a few months left before he was supposedly ready to truly make his own decisions in life. That as long as he wanted us to spend more time with a responsible adult like me and not on the streets somewhere doing bad things, that's all that mattered to her. Then again, if Kevin wanted to spend the night together with me and she was fine with that, that's all that mattered to me... I grabbed two clean towels from the closet, one for Kevin and one for me, as I headed over to the bathroom where Kevin was already getting in the tub. I soon heard him turning on the water as the sound of water pouring down upon head and then eventually wetting every inch of his gorgeous young naked body. I didn't have any curtains just a sliding glass door which allowed a full view of Kevin standing naked inside the tub as I dropped off his towel on the nearby hamper. I was getting ready to exit the bathroom and I froze ... before reaching the door knob to open the door, when suddenly Kevin opened the sliding door half way as he said, &#034Wait!... Stay with me... You know, I've never showered with another guy before... You wanna be my first?...&#034 I gulped as I hesitated briefly before I nodded saying, &#034Y... Yeah, sure... I think I wouldn't mind...&#034 He pulled the sliding glass open more for me to get in the tub too. I hopped one leg in and then the other as I got in the tub behind Kevin, closing the glass sliding door beside us so the running water wouldn't splash onto the bathroom floor. Kevin started cleaning himself up as he grabbed the bar of soap and he started working a lather with it in his hands. He then gently rubbed the bar of soap down each of his slender arms, as I watched him in awe looking at the complete backside of his wet naked body while he got himself clean. Suddenly Kevin dropped the soap bar when I heard a loud thump, and just then he leaned over without bending his knees to pick it up as it swished around the tub by his feet. He kept trying to grab it but it slipped from his feeble wet hands as he stayed bent over without bending his knees on purpose it seems. I took advantage of the granted opportunity and I slowly moved in closer, lightly placing one hand on his bum just to &#034test the waters&#034. Kevin giggled chilldishly as he still couldn't seem to grasp the bar of soap as it swooshed around in the tub near his bare wet feet. I assumed he was giving me the ...