1. Karen, 1997

    Date: 10/29/2017, Categories: Anal, Fetish, Mature, Author: CesareRF, Source: xHamster

    Karen We met at a pub &#034the Three Tuns&#034 in downtown West End, London in 1997. I actually met her friend Patsy (a petite bottle blond, 56 years of age and dressed in a red outfit) first, who asked me if her and her friend could sit at my table, since it was the only one available. I looked at her and said &#034sure, no problem&#034. Patsy was surprised that I was an American. I explained that I had moved over a short time before and was now working there. I looked up at the bar at her friend Karen; who was, an attractive 46 year old (7 years older than me), long haired blond, of 5 feet six inches, in a nice blue dress, with red lipstick, long red nails, with a nice chest. I got a good look at her while she was standing up at the bar getting their drinks and walked over and sat down next to me. Her girlfriend Patsy introduced us. They asked me about London and told me they were there working on a contract. After some chit-chat they asked me about restaurants and I asked them what they wanted to eat. Having not eaten yet myself, I asked them if I could join them. We walked over to a nearby restaurant, where I knew the wait staff, so we got excellent service. Dinner was fun and after both ladies returned from the bathroom, they both kissed me on the cheeks at the same time. The waiters had a good laugh about it too. Not wanting to return to my flat yet, I asked them if they wanted to visit a few more pubs in the area. Both said sure but that they couldn't stay out all ... night as they had to work in the morning. So we walked over to a nearby pub and had the first of many more drinks in pubs, before going back to their hotel at Marble Arch. Once we arrived there we had a few more drinks at Irish pub in the hotel itself. At about midnight Patsy said that it was time for them to go. Karen got up and bent over to me and whispered in my ear, her room number and to wait 5 minutes, and then she kissed me with a big wet kiss and left with her friend. I waited five minutes and went up to the room, hoping that she didn't play a trick on me. After a light knock on the door, it opened and Karen was there dressed in an oversize T-shirt as she had already undressed. &#034Come in&#034 she said in a sexy husky voice. She pulled me inside her room and kissed me open mouthed. My hands roamed her back as I kissed her back, my tongue deep into her mouth as she sucked on it. She stepped back and started undressing me, first my jacket, then tie, shirt and pants, in quick order. I stood in front of her in just my boxer shorts tented from my hard member. “I want you&#034, Karen murmured in that husky voice. Karen kissed me deeply again and her hands moved through my chest hair and down to my hard-on. In a second she dropped to her knees and pulled my boxers down to my ankles. “I’ve got to have it&#034, Karen said passionately. As I watched she took my cock head into her mouth and sucked on it hard as her tongue tickled the slit on my cock head. Then she engulfed my cock ...