1. TJ's Story

    Date: 10/29/2017, Categories: Taboo, Author: NVMii, Source: LushStories

    TJ's Story My name is Timothy Alan Jefferson Jr, 'TJ' for short. The story I'm about to tell you is about my life from birth to the present day. My memory starts at age at four. I only remember big events that occurred to Dad and me until I was seven, after that I remember everything. Dad told me about my birth and what happened shortly after that. Dad met Mom while both of them were in college. They both came from well to do families, not rich, but very well off. After Dad earned his JD and Mom earned her degree, they decided to marry. Mom was hired by a prestigious accounting firm and Dad was hired by a tax law firm. Mom and Dad enjoyed their marriage, Dad was really in love with her. Mom was different from Dad in the respect that she liked to party, a lot and hard. Dad not so much. After about two years of marriage, Mom started going out without Dad. Mom belonged to a group of party animals, but she never cheated on Dad. Three years into their marriage, little me came along. Dad was so proud of me and of himself, you see I was the cutest little black boy in the hospital! Mom loved me to pieces, she was always kissing me and hugging me. This went on until I was twelve months old, then things changed. Mom started partying again right after my first birthday. Dad was always with me when she was out. Her party buddies now were a different bunch than she had before. These creeps were into booze, drugs and god knows what. Mom was introduced to drugs while she was intoxicated and ... it wasn't long until she was hooked. Dad tried to get her into rehab, but she refused. It wasn't long until Dad found out she was selling herself to support her drug habit. He confronted her about it and she told him, "Fuck off, it's my life now and if you want a piece of ass from me, it will cost you two hundred!" Just before I turned two, she disappeared and wasn't heard from until I was three. Dad received a letter, postmarked from the Dominican Republic. Mom told him she fell in love with her Dominican pimp and ran away with him. She also told Dad she no longer loved him, didn't want to return to the States and didn't care what happened to him or to me. Pop was devastated, he really loved her and thought she would return home. Needless to say, he divorced her as soon as papers could be drawn up and being a 'friend of the court', he was soon a free and single man. Later Dad did hear through his ex-in-laws that my Mom was killed by her pimp. Dad was able to bring her remains back to the states and she is buried in her family cemetery. I saw her grave once, but the experience didn't mean anything to me. I told Dad he didn't need to bring me back. Dad had hired a nanny, not long after Mom had left, to care for me. I kinda thought of her as being my 'Mom' until I found out the whole story. Dad started dating after the divorce, but I didn't get to meet any of his dates until I was eight. One Saturday Dad told me he was going to bring a very special lady home and I was to be on ...