1. Stealing Zoe

    Date: 10/29/2017, Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Voyeur, Author: coltseevers, Source: xHamster

    With a slight groan the lock in the window parted,and swung open silently. I lifted myself through and dropped down low letting the silence wash over me. I looked around the room letting my eyes adjust to the darkness before moving into the house. I was after anything small and concealable, I didn't want to be stopped by the cops walking down the road with a television in my arms. Kind of awkward to explain that away at two am in the morning. I made for the stairs and went up, the best stuff was to be found in bedrooms, jewellery,watches all easy to take and sell. As I got to the top of the stairs I saw a light on in the front bedroom. I froze and listened, confrontation was not part of the job. After what felt like an age and no sounds coming from the room I crept forward and peered in. On the bed was a woman in what looked like an expensive evening gown asl**p on the bed. An empty bottle of wine lay on the floor. I gently pushed open the door and silently entered. &#034Quietly now&#034. I was thinking as I crept in. I went to her dresser and went through her jewels selecting the best ones. I turned to leave when I spotted her handbag on the bedside table. I snuck across and opened it. I took out her purse and opened it. I took the large wad of cash and was about to put it back when I spotted her driving license. Her name was Zoe and from her picture she was quite an attractive woman. I turned to her on the bed and took in her features. She was very attractive. I knelt ... beside and ran my fingers through her hair. I stood back up and looked at her, she had a fine looking body, she obviously takes care of it. I felt a stiffing of my cock as I looked at this woman and I knew I wanted to fuck her. I gently ran my hand along her smooth leg till I met the waistline of her panties. I gently pulled her dress up revealing her beautiful bum and saw she was wearing a thong. I put my fingers around the string and gently pulled her thong down. I carefully eased it off of her and held it up, it was the skimpiest thong I'd ever seen. I put the crotch to my nose and inhaled her smell. The smell of her musk was intense. My cock strained against my trousers, I pulled them down and my erection sprang free. I inhaled deeply smelling her scent thinking of the thong gently rubbing against her slit soaking up her smell. I put the thong down and gently cupped her bum cheeks, they were firm to the touch and warm in my hands. I parted them exposing her bum hole, the sight of her tight anus begging for me to touch it. I leaned forward and sniffed her anus, smelling a dark earthy odour I pulled her cheeks wider and gently licked her anus. She let out a small moan and moved her legs a little giving me better access. I resumed licking her hole, feeling her tight puckered ring against my tongue. She groaned and rolled over exposing her pussy. I spread her legs and went down on her gently licking at her slit tasting her body. I opened her pussy lips and licked at her vagina, ...