1. The Birthday Bet

    Date: 10/29/2017, Categories: Fetish, First Time, Hardcore, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster

    My wife Kate and I had played games, fantasy type ones that involved her fucking other people. Not that it started out that way, mind you, but eventually it was just her fucking other people in our fantasies. I was happy enough to go along with it as it was just fantasy after all and she really got off on it, as did I. Somewhere along the way the games progressed until I was her slave. Kate clicked her fingers and I was running around, naked, fetching her drinks, cigarettes, giving massages; all very one-sided - fun, but completely one-sided. Then one night everything changed. It was my birthday and the game began with me pretending to help Kate get ready to 'go fuck' her boyfriend, a game we'd played several times before. I was her stool where she sat slowly doing her nails, her hair and her makeup. I knelt there, naked, with a raging hardon while she sat on my back in front of the mirror telling me how she was going to go fuck a big cock and how she couldn't wait to suck him off before letting him pound her pussy with his big dick. She grew wet (she was keen to tell me this) at the thought of him shooting his load deep inside her. As a little 'treat' for me and to show 'who was boss,' Kate rammed my arse with a dildo after she had gotten ready, making me sit down on it as far as I could. Not that this was enough of course and she pushed down on my shoulders to make sure 'it was all the way in.' I'm still not sure exactly how it came to be that dildos became part of our sex ... life although I think it began with her telling me she had read somewhere that it was supposed to be a better orgasm for the guy if his prostate was stimulated. One thing led to another and before I knew it her finger had been replaced with progressively larger dildos over these last few months and I was 'her bitch.' Not that I minded. It really was a better orgasm. Once Kate was satisfied I couldn't take any more of the dildo, she lifted her short skirt, pulled her thin panties to one side, grabbed my hair and pushed her pussy into my face. &#034Lick me. C'mon, lick! I want you to remember how I taste before I've had a cock in me!&#034 I did as I was bid, driving my tongue into her moist pussy. After a few moments she pulled away. &#034Don't get too excited, I don't want you messing me up for my boyfriend,&#034 she laughed. &#034I might be a while so no playing with yourself when I'm away! Got it? Your dick is my property.&#034 Now we'd played this game before and did the same sort of stuff, with the odd variation. Previously, I always thought she just dropped into her friend's house for a quick visit (at least that's what she told me afterwards) but this time she seemed to be gone forever. I whiled away the time getting things ready, lots of drinking, watching television and pacing around, bored and frustrated as hell but looking forward to the fun we would have when she got home. Eventually, some 3 hours or so after Kate left, a taxi drew up outside and after a minute or ...