1. Hot Metal Cold Bodies

    Date: 10/29/2017, Categories: Cheating, Author: TheTravellingMan, Source: LushStories

    His brittle sounding steps on the wet pavement stopped at the throng before him. Puffs of grey exhaled air rose from the crowd into the dark night. The collected audience were muted and reverential. Easing through them, he could see that the roads and pavements were held back. Flashing blue lights smeared into the shimmering jet black of the puddled road. Ricocheting off the imposing jumble of ancient and modern buildings, the spasms of light stung his eyes. He ducked under the cordon tape. A concerned looking man in an acid yellow jacket approached. He needed only one word, “Press.” The man didn’t respond, his arms were outstretched wide from his body and his face was blank and impassive. His silent determination impeded any further progress. “Okay, Okay, Chief Inspector Peter Millington asked for me.” His arms went down and he took his credentials. “One minute. Stay here right here.” In the middle of the junction, a dark blue car sat squat against the strobing lights. Crumpled against the back of a lorry, bits of its windscreen hung from its seals. His eyes scanned onwards and only a few pathetic yards forward, he found the driver. A red blanket concealed a long lump from any ghoulish voyeurism. An occasional bolt of white light captured a life snuffed out soon to appear on a stranger’s social media feed. The officer had returned and thrust his press pass towards him, it jarred his quiet reverence. “He’s on his way, wait here.” The policeman went back to maintaining the ... cordon. The rain was starting to belt down again, it felt cold as it hit his damp hair. “Jack, so glad you could get down here.” “Erm, no problem, why do you need me here Peter? Looks like a traffic accident.” “That crumpled heap over there is Charlie Hetherington.” That name was enough to make him reel, he slicked back his wet mane with his fingers. “Fuck! No accident then?” Millington looked at him exuding that calm air of authority, “No, we’ve got plenty of witnesses, drive by. Motorbike and pillion. Looks like a professional hit, single tap to the head. The car kept moving until it hit the lorry, he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.” “I see. Fuck! So now I know why you wanted me here.” “I thought you might be able to help, rumour has it you might have some information? No sources, just a bit of background.” Jack looked at him indomitably, this was serious. “Rumours or intelligence? Peter… I…” Millington didn’t push, he looked at him like he did all those years ago, and his eyes were simply expectant. He was a tough bruiser of a man. He could take him down to the station and they could have it out with lawyers present. They both knew that too well and it wouldn’t be the first time. “I’ll cut you a deal Jack.” “Oh?” “A little knowledge sharing, just help me fill in the gaps and it’ll save us a lot of time. I can return the favour once we’re up and running. You and no-one else.” Staring into his face, the only difference with Peter was the side of the law he chose to operate on. If ...